The Decade of DEPRESSION

  • Dustball speech

    All that dust made some of the farmers leave; they became the Okies. We stuck it out here. We scratched, literally scratched, to live. We'd come to town to sell sour cream for nine cents a pound. If we could find a town big enough and far enough away from the dust, we could sell eggs at ten cents a dozen. Despite all the dust and the wind, we were putting in crops, but making no crops and barely living out of barnyard products only. We made five crop failures in five years.
  • Little Orphan Annie

    During the 1930's a little popular character came out in books, papers, and on the radio. Her name was known as Little Orphan Annie. Alot of kids loved Annie it was the thing for kids in 1930's. So they'll go home and turn on the radio.
  • "Ma" Barker and her boys

    "Ma" barker believed that the whole family should do crime. She schooled them in the finer points of theivery, such as kidnaping but mostly murder. The Barkers pulled off so much crime that they were the all time crime leaders in family style. America was scared because the Barkers did so much crime.
  • When FDR became the 32nd president of the US

    The country was scared, more scared than ever in history, the banks closed victoria is a dumb girl!!!!! why are yehww doinqq trhiszz toria!?!?!? lololololol xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo :);)
  • Bonnie and Clyde

    They were love partners in crime, in fact the best love partners in crime. Bonnie killed so many people he was wanted so badly. They were known as dangerous sadistic hoods. Clyde shot down people for the sheer love of killing. Clyde was despised by other Midwestern bandits because they felt that his killings and robberies lowered the standards in profession.