The amazing wonders of the 1940'S

  • Food points

    Food points
    During the war food was becoming more scarce and harder to grow. The people over seas needed food supplied to them as well. So the government created a new way to shop for food, and that was to shop by points. Certain foods were worth more points than others. People were given a set amount of points to shop by and then they shopped. This was a very useful and efficient way of making sure everybody got food.
  • Classic Movies

    The 1940's was the decade that created some of the most classic movies known around the world. Casablanca is one of my personal favorites. This production was released to theaters in1942. Another famous classic is It's a Wonderful Life, a 1946 production. They didn't have the technology we have now so the picture and sound may seem a little off, but movies in this era had such soul to them, it really didn't matter.
  • World War Two

    World War Two
    This war began overseas, not in America. It lasted throughout most of the forties and ended when the counties at war came to an agrement. Many lifes were lost in the masacure of a war, of all different backrounds, too. This war also got us out of the Depresion and created so many more jobs with the army.
  • Mueseums

    There was a mueseum of modern art that was opening more and more art exibits. This was a making in history because they were allowing exibits from around the world to open here. They introduced Mexican art here on May 14, 1940. Also, not soon after that, they opened an exibit of Italian art. This new trend kept coming, and soon the common public knew all about other countries art.
  • Period: to

    The 1940's

  • False accusations of the Japanese

    False accusations of the Japanese
    After Pearl Harbor, the Japanese-American public were accused of that attack and future battles. The American public feared another attack from the Japanese, so the government took action. They rounded up everybody and anybody of Japanese decent and sent them to camps. This was a cruel and unfair punishment for these innocent people. They were kept there for 3 years before being released. But the Japanese-American public did not seek revenge, rather support war efforts.
  • New T.V!

    At this time the FCC decided that they would allow full commercialization of T.V broadcasting to begin. This baisicaly means that the government didn't controll what is broadcasted on T.V anymore. This was not a bad thing, but rather a way to be exposed to more fictional television.
  • Atheletes to Army Men

    Football had been a very popular sport in the 1940's. Men playing football had enlisted in the army and became army men. Men from other sports had also enlisted in the army, such as Joe Lewis. They gave up a very large salary to help defend our nation. These are true troopers!
  • Ban of "Strange Fruit"

    Ban of "Strange Fruit"
    This year was the year when the U.S postal service decided to ban "strange fruit". People from all over the world sent foods to family and friends, but with food came diseases. America did not know about these diseases yet, and did not know how to cure any of them. We were not immune to these diseases, so many people died.
  • Bobby Soxers/ Frank Sinatra

    Bobby Soxers/ Frank Sinatra
    Frank Sinatra was the inspiration to the era of teenage girls in the mid 40's called Bobby Soxers. Bobby Soxers were girls who wore mismatched shoes and socks, with their socks rolled down to their ankles. Also they wore what is commonly known as "poodle skirts". Another name for this era is the Swing Era.
  • F.D.R dies

    F.D.R dies
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt died on April 12th, 1945. He died during his 4th term as presidant. He was a man of many accomplishments and in some peoples eyes, he died a hero. He died by a stroke which is something he has feared of before. When he collapsed, FDR was sitting for a self portrait painting. When he died they inaugurated Truman as presidant.