The roaring 20's

  • prohibition begins

    The senate and house overrode the veto of president wilson.
    So they enacted into law a bill outlawing the production.
    Because of this people began to drink illegal alcohol.
  • participation in league rejected

    President Wilson refused to compromise with the Loge Reservation. Because of this the senate lodge rejected the treaty.
    The U.S joined forces with England and France .
  • womens suffrage

    in the 1920 women suffered alot. that is why the ninteenth amendment to the constitution was passed. after that women weren't discriminated. And they could now vote Women had the same power as men after the amendment was passed.
  • prohibition begins

    the senate and the house overrode the veto of president wilson. this caused them to outaw the production. when thhat happened people began to drink illegal alcohol. these people were called speakeasies
  • Bureau of Budget

    President Harding estblished the Bureau of Budget in 1921. He wanted to control where people's taxes were going. He thought Congress was wasting people's money. So he placed restrictions on the spending of government funds.
  • Immigration quota

    Rising nationalism occured during World War 1. Immigration had the support given by Labore Unions. Because of this the immigration bill of 1921 was passed. This law limited immigration to 3% of the population of the U.S.
  • Naval Convention

    The U.S, UK France, Japan, and Italy met and agreed on a treeaty limiting Naval Power. The U.S agreed to get rid of 30 warships. And all the other country's agreed for the U.S to do that.
  • kkk

    The kkk in the n20s was anti-black. Then when they knew that they had power they were anti-catholic too. Later on they became anti-immiagrants. They also became anti-jews. The kkk would kill anyone that was black, Catholic immigrants or jews.
  • Murder

    in 1924 Nathan Leoplod and Richard Loeb confess of killing their cousin. They kill their 14 year old cousin because of their interest in science. Their lawyer couldn't help much.