Century in America History 1920

  • the 1919 Fun Times

    the 1919 Fun Times
    Many Americans enjoyed life as never before.
    They went to clubs to dance and to listen to jazz. Young people loved this fresh style of music. Many clubs were the opportunity to drink illegal alcohol. In 1919 anti-alcohol reformers had succeeded in passing the Eighteeth Amendment which beverages. making and selling alochol became big business for people operating outside the law.
  • Wilsons Leauge of Nations Speech

    Wilsons Leauge of Nations Speech
    This is the final address in support of the Leauge of nations.At the front of this great treaty is put the Covenant of the League of Nations. It will also be at the front of the Austrian treaty and the Hungarian treaty and the Bulgarian treaty and the treaty with Turkey. Every one of them will contain the Covenant of the League of Nations, because you cannot work any of them without the Covenant of the League of Nations.
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    Movie Stars in the 1920's

    There were many movie stars and movie genres in the 1920's. One famous actress was Greta Garbo. She was one of many who had a big paycheck because of the 32 million movies watchers a week. A result of that was that more people wanted to be movie stars.
  • 1920's Modern Women

    1920's Modern Women
    Women went to work outside of their home.They started doing a lot of more work. In 1920, the passage of the Nineteenth Admetment guarenteeded women's right to vote in national and state elections.Young women started calling themselves "Flappers" and many cut there hair really short."Flappers" wore makeup, short dresses, and went to have fun like men like smoking, drinking, and other fun stuff.
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    The Mah-Jongg Craze

    When Mah-Jongg came into the U.S., it it increased in popularity.It was mostly played in ladies groups. Millions played it in the U.S. in the end. In turn, Chinese robes sales rose, buisnesses made more Mah-Jongg games, and America makes Mah- Jongg assembely lines.
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    Public Printing/Newspapers

    The postwar recession caused an increase in news readers.Also, people wanted a higher literacy rate.Plus , it added to people's leisure time.In result, it brought a boom in newspaper and magazine sale andcreated more groups.
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    Buisness Fever

    There was much more buisness because of postwar recession. It was also because people were obsessed with buisness. Plus, people were buying more thiings.sS a result, profits and stocks went up. Also, it caused 1.5 million Americans to work in the stock market.
  • The Darkside Of The 1920's

    The Darkside Of The 1920's
    "After world war 1,a new KKK emerged".The revived Klan used both political power and mob violence to lash out against African Americans,immIgrants,Catholics,jews,and anyone else it regarded as an enemy.The KKK members marched through the streets of Washington D.C in 1925.
  • The Stock Market Booms

    The Stock Market  Booms
    During the 1920's,americans were very optimistic about buisness.As the stock market boomed,few worried about prices going down.Ih just three weeks in 1928 ,shares of Radio Corporation of America rose from $95 to $178.Shares of General Electric tripled in value in 18 months.Happy investors imagined that stock prices would continue going up indefinitely.
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    Flagpole Sitting

    Flagpole sitting was popular in 1929 because of "Shipwreck" Kelly. He was given that name because of being knockedout in the boxing ring too much. Hollywood took him in to draw crowds with a balencing act. After that, more people did it and people paid to watch it.
  • Stock Market Crashes

    Stock Market Crashes
    The sotck market crashed because Of too much margin buying.It also crashed because of too much celebrating.plus it crashed further because there was too much selling.As a result we lost $30 billion dollars,The day was known as Black Tuesday and the Great Depression starts.