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Dimond Willow by Brandon Brooks

By bsb016
  • Period: to

    Dimond Willow

  • Exposition 1

    Their is a girl named Dimond Willow and she live in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Exposition 2

    Dimond Willow wants to go visit here grandparents house by herself. She trys to reason with her daddy by only taking three dogs.
  • rising action 1

    rising action 1
    Willow took three dogs. She stay for two days. AS she was going back home, willow hit a shrape turn going fast and roxys one of the dogs hit a branch and got hurt.
  • Rising action 2

    Now Willow only has to dogs and no first aid kit
  • rising action 3

    rising action 3
    they get back home and dad takes Roxy to the vet. the vet said the dog was blind
  • rising acton 4

    dad and willow are not talking
  • rising action 5

    roxy can no longer help pull the slad with the other dogs cause of her being blind
  • climax

    willow decides tto take rocky to her grandas house so she can hav better care
  • falling action 1

    rocky is at the grndparents house
  • fallingaction 2

    rocky s getting better fast
  • falling action 3

    they are planing a suprise party for willow and rocky
  • reluosaton

    dimond and the dog are ok