Dragons Egg Luc Jerememko

  • Exposition 1

    Exposition 1
    A inn in the 1700s that serves dragon eggs.They raise dragons in the back anda girl is the dragon keeper.
  • Exposion 3 characters

    Mella a young girl that keeps the dragon at the inn where she lives.Her mon owns the inn.She has a sister
  • exposition 2

    A family owns a inn in medival times
  • Period: to


  • Conflict

    Mella goes on a walk and finds a golden egg
  • Rising action 1

    Rising action 1
    The dragon finds that mella took her egg and says if she doesn't come back with the egg she will get his freind and burn the town down and take the egg from the ashes
  • Rising action 2

    Rising action 2
    At the inn the inn there is a mysterios man who says that there is a dragon around.His apprentice says it is all lies but mella knows it is not
  • Rising action 3

    Her mom makes her scrup the floors but when she comes back the dragon isn't there
  • rising action 4

    rising action 4
    As mella and the apprentice are on there way a robber kidnaps themm but they are able to exape
  • rising action 6

    rising action 6
    They are almost to the dragon home which is a big tree.
  • climax

    They find where the dragon is and return the egg.
  • falling action 1

    They find out that the egg was special and it was a golden dragon. They are on there wway home
  • falling action 2

    They are making it safely home after the adventure
  • falling action 3

    they make it home and the dragons will not do anything
  • resoulution they tell what happened and thay are safe

  • resoulution 2

    They continue on with a incredible experiance