The london eye

The London Eye Mystery by Adam Metzbower

  • Exposition: 2 Background

    Exposition: 2 Background
    Salim and Aunt Gloria came to stay at the Spark house because they are moving to New York in 2 days.
  • Exposition: 3 Setting

    Exposition: 3 Setting
    Aunt Gloria and Salim arrive a the Spark house at 6:24 PM on May 23, 2007 from Manchester, England to London, England.
  • Exposition: 1 Characters

    Exposition: 1 Characters
    Salim: Ted and Kat's cousin,
    Kat: Ted's older brother. her full name is Katrina,
    Ted: a 12 year old boy who has a strange brain development which makes him think differently,
    Aunt Gloria: Salims mother,
    Faith:Ted and Kat's mother,
    Ben: Ted and Kat's father,
  • Period: to

    Salim's disapearence and reapearence

    AKA the London Eye Mystery
  • Rising Action: 2

    Rising Action: 2
    Aunt Gloria freaks out because Salim goes missing. They then call the police and try to make Aunt Gloria feel better.
  • Rising Action: 4

    Rising Action: 4
    The police show up and question Aunt Gloria about Salim.
  • Rising Action: 5

    Rising Action: 5
    Ted and Kat keep getting told to go away. They are also being ignored.
  • Rising Action: 6

    Rising Action: 6
    Ted comes up with 8 possible theories about what happened to Salim in the London Eye.
  • Rising Action: 1 conflict

    Rising Action: 1 conflict
    A strange man gives Salim a ticket to go on the London Eye.Salim disapears in the London Eye. Everyone becomes very confused and wonders how he disapeared out of a sealed pod without anyone noticing.
  • Rsing Action: 3

    Rsing Action: 3
    Ted and Kat look up disapearences in the encyclopedia. Ted then finds Salim's disposable camera, used to take pictures of the eye and London and other things, in his pocket.
  • Rising Action: 7

    Rising Action: 7
    Ted and Kat get Salim's pictures developed and see the strange man in them. They then get the pictures blown-up and they figure out what his shirt says.
  • Falling Action: 1

    Falling Action: 1
    Ted figures out how Salim disapears. He calls Inspector Pearce and tells her what he knows happened.
  • Rising Action: 2

    Rising Action: 2
    Inspector Pearce comes with Marcus and he tells all that he knows. He then feels really bad about what happened.
  • Falling Action: 3

    Falling Action: 3
    Ted comes up with another theory of where Salim is. He thinks of the coriolis effect being invisible, but it effects you. He also though about how Salim likes tall buildings and then the Barricks being right around the corner. Ted and Kat figure out that Salim is at the Barricks.
  • Resolution: 1

    Resolution: 1
    Everyone rushes to the Barricks. They go through each floor. They find Salim at the very top: floor 21.
  • Climax

    Ted and Kat find the strange man and figure out his name is Christy Flood. He lies about a lot of things. Then they follow him to a pub. He sees them and gets angry. Ted and Kat question him and he gets nervous and runs to a bus. After, Ted figures out that Marcus, Salim's best friend,has the same last name of Flood.
  • Resolution: 2

    Resolution: 2
    Salim tells his side of the story. He then listens to Ted and how he figured it all out. The doctor comes and says he's fine.
  • Resolution: 3

    Resolution: 3
    Salim and Aunt Gloria go to the airport to catch their flight to New York. When she's about ot get on, she gives Ted all her cigarette stuff and tells him to throw it all a way.