Lucinda's life

By leticia
  • Lucinda is born

    Lucinda is born into the family of Matlock on March 1, 5012. Her mother has just gone unconsious from child labor and her father is patting her mothers head with a wet rag repeating "its going to be alright... pull threw for Lucinda and i."
  • Lucinda meets Jezera

    Lucinda is 3 years old and has wondered off from her family. She stumbles over a ledge and falls deep within a dark forrest. Jezera is standing over a fallen tree. She is about 5'3, long black lucious curls fall down to her shoulders like chocolate waterfalls.
  • Mikka is born

    Mikka is born... he is Lucinda's pride and joy and she loves him to death. :)
  • 17 bebe!!!

    Lucinda is 17 and now almost fully an adult. though she is unsure in the world she is happy she has her mother and father to help her
  • Ahriman takes over ZiA

    Ahriman is a powerful dictator who takes over the land of ZiA which means light and renames is Atash which means fire. he enslaves the people of the village. any who oppose are immediately sentenced to death or hard labor.
  • Lucinda's parents die

    for not attending work and refusing anymore to do it... Lucinda's parents are executed followed by her little brother. Lucinda is forced to watch as her whole world crumbles down around her.