By Kelsea
  • english bill of rights

  • Period: to


  • seven years war peace treaty beteen great britain and france

  • stamp act

    passed by british parliament as a direct taxtation of north american colonists sons of liberty and others organize to protest and resist yhe stamp act
  • repeal of stamp act

  • townsend act

    new revenue taxes on north american colonists
  • riots in boston met with violence by british troops

  • boston tea party

  • first continental congress

  • declaration of independence

  • treaties

    american and french represtentatives sign two treaties in paris a treaty of amity and commerce and a treaty of alliance
  • ratification of constitution of the united states of america

  • estates general convened for the first time in 174 years in france

  • storming of the bastille prison in paris

  • national constituent assembly and french declaration of the rights of man

  • beheading of king louis XVI

  • slave rebellion in saint dominque

  • U.S bill of rights ratified by states

  • french national assembly

    gives citizenship to all free people of color in the colony of saint dominque
  • french declares war on austria

  • france declares war on great britain

  • all slaves

    on saint dominque emancipated by the french revolutionary authorities to join the french army and fight against the british
  • toussaint leads troops against the british

  • french colonial forces defeated by toussaint

  • toussaint negotiates peace with british

  • war ends between great britain and france

  • constitution for haiti

  • general leclerc sent by napoleon to subdue colony and re-institute slavery

  • new declaration of war between great britain and france

  • french withdraw troops haitians declare independence

  • napoleon crowns himself emperor of france

  • jean-jacques dessalines crowns himself emperor of haiti

  • U.S president jefferson declares economic boycott of haiti,france,and great britain

  • french occupation of spain

  • british end the slave trade

  • declarations of self-government in most latin american colonies

  • french expelled from spain

  • napoleon defeated and french empire reduced in europe to france alone

  • french abolish slave trade

  • U.S president

    monroe declares doctrine against european interference with the new republics in the americas known as the monroe doctrine