U.S. Civil War

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    US Civil War Timeline

  • Abraham Lincoln elected president

  • South Carolina seceeds from the Union

  • First Bull Run; Irvin McDowell defeated at Bull Run. Thomas Jackson earns nickname Stonewall as his brigade resisted Union attacks

  • rest of southern states leave the Union

  • Confederate States of America is formed with Jefferson Davis ad President

  • Abraham Lincoln is 16th President of the United States Of America

  • Robert E. Lee is offered command of Union Army, which hedeclines

  • Victory For Gen, Ulysses S. Grant in capturing Fort Henry

  • seven days battles as Gen. Lee attacks McClellan near Richmond, resulting in huge loss of numbers on both sides

  • President Lincoln issues final Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves in territories held by confederates

  • Chancellorsville: Union Army under Gen. Hooker is defeated by Lee's much smaller forces

    Stonewall Jackson is wounded, Hooker retriets and the Union suffers major losses as do the Confederates.
  • Gettysburg; Confederates are defeated at the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.

  • Vicksburg: the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River, surrenders to Gen. Grant and the Army of the West after a six week siege

  • decisive Confederate victory by Gen. Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee at Chickamauga

  • President Lincoln delivers a two minute Gettysburg Address at a ceremony dedicating the Battlefield as a National Cemetery.

  • Atlanta is captured by Sherman's Army.

  • - Abraham Lincoln is re-elected president, defeating Democrat George B. McClellan

  • Hood's Rebel Army of 23,000 is crushed at Nashville by 55,000 Federals including Negro troops under Gen. George H. Thomas

  • en. Robert E. Lee surrenders his Confederate Army to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at the village of Appomattox Court House in Virginia.

  • General Lee surrendered in the parlor of this house.

  • President Lincoln is shot in the head in a theatre by John Wilkes Booth

  • President Abraham Lincoln dies at 7:22 in the morning. Vice President Andrew Johnson assumes the presidency.

  • Confederate Gen. Joseph E. Johnston surrenders to Sherman near Durham in North Carolina.

  • Remaining Confederate forces surrender. The Nation is reunited as the Civil War ends. Over 620,000 Americans died in the war,

  • The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, is finally ratified. Slavery is abolished.