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Ashcan Shcool

  • Maurice Prendergast is born

    Maurice Prendergast is born
    wikipedia(October 10, 1858–February 1, 1924) was a U.S. post-Impressionist artist who worked in oil, watercolor, and monotype. Technically, he was a member of The Eight, but the delicacy of his compositions and mosaic-like beauty of his designs had little in common with the philosophy of the group.
  • Authur Bowen Davies is born

    Authur Bowen Davies is born
    wikipediaHe was born in Utica, New York and studied at the Chicago Academy of Design from 1879 to 1882. He briefly attended the Art Institute of Chicago and then moved to New York City where he studied at the Art Students League.
  • Robert Henri is born

    Robert Henri is born
    WikipediaRobert Henri was born Robert Henry Cozad in Cincinnati, Ohio to Theresa Gatewood Cozad of Malden, Virginia and John Jackson Cozad, a gambler and real estate developer. Henri had a brother, Johnny, and was a distant cousin of the noted American painter Mary Cassatt. In 1871, Henri's father founded the town of Cozaddale, Ohio. In 1873, the family moved west to Nebraska, where they founded the town of Cozad.
  • George Luks is born

    George Luks is born
    WikipediaLuks was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to Central European immigrants. His father was a physician and his mother was an amateur painter and musician.[1] The Luks family (George, his parents and five siblings) eventually moved to Pottsville, in Southern Pennsylvania near the coal fields. In this setting, he learned at a young age the importance of compassion by watching how his parents helped the coal miners' families,[2] and many believe that this is the reason why lower class New Yorkers
  • William Glackens is born

    William Glackens is born
    wikipediaGlackens was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where his family had lived for many generations. His father Samuel worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad. William had two siblings—an older sister Ada, and an older brother, cartoonist and illustrator Louis Glackens. He graduated from Central High School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) in 1890. Throughout school he showed a great interest and aptitude for drawing and drafting.
  • John French Sloan is born

    John French Sloan is born
    wikipediaJohn Sloan was born in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, in 1871, to James Dixon, a man with artistic leanings who made an unsteady income in a succession of jobs, and Henrietta Sloan, a schoolteacher from an affluent family. Sloan grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he lived and worked until 1904, when he moved to New York City.
  • Ernest Lawson is born

    Ernest Lawson is born
    wikipediaMarch 22, 1873 – December 18, 1939 was a Canadian-American painter and a member of The Eight
  • Everett Shinn is born

    Everett Shinn is born
    WikipedaShinn was born in Woodstown, New Jersey, a large Quaker community. His parents, Isiah Conklin Shinn and Josephine Ransley Shinn were rural farmers. He had two brothers: Warren, who was older and Harold who was younger. Shinn was named for the author Edward Everett Hale of whom his father was a great fan
  • Ashcan School's first show

    Ashcan School's first show
  • Period: to

    Ashcan School

  • Marurice Prendergast dies

    Marurice Prendergast dies
  • Authur Bowen Davies dies

    Authur Bowen Davies dies
    wikipediaDavies is best known for his ethereal figure paintings. Curiously, he had two separate wives and families which were unknown to each other until after his death. Davies also worked as a billboard painter, engineering draftsman, and magazine illustrator.
  • George Luks dies

    George Luks dies
    WikipediaLuks was found dead by a police officer in October, 1933 after he had died in the early hours of the morning after a bar room brawl. Ira Glackens, the son of William Glackens, wrote of his recollection of Luks's death, stating that the papers proclaimed George was found dead at the doorway when he had planned on going to paint the dawn, when in actuality, the harmless old man had been beaten to death by one of the other customers at the bar. In reference to his funeral, it was crowded by
  • William Glakens dies

    William Glakens dies
    WikipediaGlackens died in Westport, Connecticut on May 22, 1938. His legacy is greatly linked to that of the Eight. Although having distanced himself from some of their ideals, he continued to be considered an integral part of the realist movement in American art.
  • Ernest Lawson dies

    Ernest Lawson dies
    With his health in rapid decline, he drowned under mysterious circumstances while apparently swimming on Miami Beach, Florida, in 1939.
  • John French Sloan dies

    John French Sloan dies
    wikipediaIn 1943, his wife, Dolly, died of coronary heart disease. The next year, Sloan married Helen Farr, who is responsible for most of the preservation of his works. On September 7, 1951 John Sloan died of cancer in Hanover, New Hampshire.
  • Everett Shinn dies

    Everett Shinn dies
    WikipediaBetween 1937 and his death in 1953, Shinn received several awards commending his innovative paintings and participated in several exhibitions. He died of lung cancer in 1953.