• Ford Cars

    Ford Cars
    In 1903, he founded the Ford Motor Company, which quickly became the largest automobile manufacturer in the 1920s.
  • Woman can vote

    Woman can vote
    Women get their first vote.
  • First Television

    First Television
    Scottish inventor John Baird invents the first form of a television
  • 1920's World Series'

    1920's World Series'
    The Cleveland Indians defeated the Brooklyn Robins (now Dodgers) 5 games to 2.
  • Radio broadcasting

    Radio broadcasting
    First Radio broadcast
  • 1923 world series

    1923 world series
    New York Yankees beat the New York Giants.
  • King Tut is found

    King Tut is found
    Archaeologist Howard Carter finds tomb of Tutankhamen near Luxor, Egypt.
  • First Winter Olympics

    First Winter Olympics
    The first Winter Olympics are held with 16 nations competing.
  • Period: to

    Herbert Hoover

    Herbert Hoover's Term of Office.
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    The start of the Gret Depression.