Taylor Meehl

  • German Declaration of war On Russia

    It sparks WWI and begins it all.
  • Period: to

    WWI and WWII

  • U.S. Declares war On Germany

    U.S. is now involved in the war.
  • Tank Introduced On Somme Battlefield By British

    Intruduced large mobile machinery into the war.
  • Peace Negotiations In Paris

    begins the negotiation phase of the endinig of the war.
  • Signing Of The Treaty Of Versailles

    all the countries sign signifing the end of WWI
  • Stock Market Crashes

    Beginning of difficult time for America.
  • Roosevelt Elected As President

    Roosevelt helps America through the difficultiy of the deppression.
  • Hitler Becomes Chancelor Of Germany

    Hitler now has complete control of Germany.
  • Hitler assasination Attempt Failed

    Threats on Hitler are now being carried through.