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  • start of the war

    start of the war
    The Anzacs stoped their ships in the bay of anzac cove but they were three miles past their actual destination point. they climbed up the hill many died befor getting up the hill.
  • The war

    The war started in april 1914 and went for four years it ended in 1918
  • first day at war

    first day at war
    On the first day of war it was Turkey and Germany against Uk France and Russia.
  • Troops to war

    Troops to war
    In Sarajevo June 28 1914 Franz Ferdinand sent some troops to fight in the war. shortly After his troops went to war he was assassinated.
  • Period: to

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  • uhmm

    auckland transport arrived in wellinarbour and others went into the stream at 4:pm uhge crowds and great send offs.
  • 28th of oct

    a turkish fleet bombard the russians black sea ports of odessa sebastgod and feodosia
  • turks froze to death

    the russians defeated a large turkish army in tempartures of below 30 degrees below zero and more than 30,000 turks froze to death
  • 25th of august

    25th of august
    the french submarine saphir sunk while the crew swam to shore the captain stayed and drowned but you know what they say the captain goes down with his ship.
  • 15th of feb

    british warships began naval bombaredment of the outer forts of the dardnaells but little damage was given
  • 3-5

    on the 3-5 of auguust 20,000 men snuck into the anzac at night and ready to prepare for the next day of the war.
  • on the 6th of august

    on the 6th of august
    on the 6th of august commander edaward carter was killed while trying to save a man while his steam boat was in trouble, he was in control of the landing fields.
  • 18th of december

    18th of december
    by the 18th of december 40,000 men has already left gallipoli .The desision to withdraw was made on the 7th of december 1915 and a plan was drawn up.