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anzac history

By camo217
  • winston churchill

    winston churchill
    winston churchhill requests advise from admirail carden reg arding naval attack at the dardanelles.
  • battleship Queen Elizabeth

    battleship Queen Elizabeth
    When the battle ship, Queen Elizabeth fired its huge shells right over the peninsula from Gaba Tepe to the forts at the narrouis in world war 1.
  • war time

    war time
    The landing at gallpoli on the dark side of dawn on sunday 25 of april 1915 was a fight/ war to take the turkys by suprise.
  • brigade

    In may 1915 the New Zealand infantry brigade was ordered to attack.
  • lemmos island

    lemmos island
    The troops ship off lemmos island, prepering to land on turky
  • bombs

    The gallipolis have gone into the bomb business. they are making bombs for attack.
  • battle of lsonzo

    battle of lsonzo
    First Battle of Isonzo an Italian offensive against fortified Austrian.
  • The gukha

    The gukha
    The gurkha was destroyed at hill, as were 5 different british battaloins at a farm.
  • dawney departs

    dawney departs for london. bulgarians agree to invade serbia. never naval attack
  • germans

    Germans capture Vilna, meaning the complete capture of poland
  • sir ian hamilton

    sir ian hamilton
    general sir ian hamilton is removed frm command of the mediterranean ex peditionary force morne hamilton and braithwaite are replaced by kitchener
  • french submarine

    french submarine turquicise runs aground while returning through the dardanellesand is captured
  • the storm

    the storm
    Deestroyer hms louis runs aground in a storm and iswrecked
  • E20 submarine

    E20 submarine
    British submarine E20. It has been ambush and sunk in the sea of marmara by the germans on their boat 4-14.
  • british cabinet

    british cabinet
    The british cabinet orders the anzac and suvla ( They order to evacuate nelles givin in mid-december).
  • australian soldiers

    australian soldiers
    7 thousand, 6 hundred Australian soldiers were killed during the gallipoli campaign and 19,000 were wounded.