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Walt Disney's Wonderfilled Life

  • Walt Disney is Born

    Walt Disney is Born
    Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 to Elias and Flora Disney.
  • Walt marries Lillian

    Walt marries Lillian
    Walt marries Lillian Bounds, an inker for his current studio "The Disney Bros." Walt said, "I couldn't afford to pay her, so I married her!"
  • Mickey Mouse is Born

    Mickey Mouse is Born
    "Steamboat Willy" was released on this day from Walt Disney Studio.It was the first animated cartoon with sound! After failing on the first project, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt hopes that Mickey would be a hit. Little did he know his little mouse would take the world by storm.
  • Mickey's First Cartoon Strip

    Mickey's First Cartoon Strip
    Mickey Mouse became a frenzy and everyone loved him. Walt had Ib Iwerks come up with the first comic strip. Pluto made his first appearance in "The Chain Gang."
  • Snow White is Released

    Snow White is Released
    After many Silly Symphonies, Mickey Mouse, and now Donald Duck Cartoons, Walt Disney releases Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. It grossed 8 million dollars and won an Academy Award.
  • Walt Disney Music Company is Formed

    Walt Disney Music Company is Formed
    After success with many more Disney cartoon movies and the upcoming Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland movies, Walt Disney decided to venture into the world of music, producing some of the happiest tunes around.
  • The Disneyland Story

    The Disneyland Story
    A TV series is put on the air showing the lands that Walt Disney was in the process of creating. Anticipation was in the air with all of the movie releases and television appearances. Everyone was ready for Disneyland to open!
  • Disneyland Opens by Invitation

    Disneyland Opens by Invitation
    Invitations are given out to workers, staff, and other important people and they are able to see the first sights of Disneyland. This was the first day the park was open and by September, it had seen it's one millionth visitor.
  • World's Fair

    World's Fair
    Walt Disney created some amazing attractions for the World's Fair in New York City. Animatronics and futuristic materials are used and impress everyone who sees them.
  • Medal of Freedom given to Walt Disney

    Medal of Freedom given to Walt Disney
    After much more work on the park and many more movies released, President Johnson presents Walt with the Medal of Freedom. This is the nation's highest civil honor.
  • Walt Disney Passes Away

    Walt Disney Passes Away
    As thoughts about Walt Disney World in Florida are being created and a wonderful world called EPCOT is being drawn out, Walt Disney sadly passes away. He brought so much happiness into the world and is still creating this happiness today.
  • The Magic Kingdom Opens (other parks come later)

    The Magic Kingdom Opens (other parks come later)
    The Magic Kingdom opens as the first park in Walt Disney World. In 1982, EPCOT is added to the parks. In 1989, MGM Studios opens it's doors. Finally, in 1998, Animal Kingdom opens up.
  • The Magic is Still Strong

    The Magic is Still Strong
    Even today, the parks and the movies and music are still growing strong. Walt Disney has parks scattered all over the world and they even have a cruise line. I believe Walt would be proud of his creation. Walt Disney World can turn anyone into a kid again.