5 Key moments in Cyber Punk History

  • The beginnings of the word "Cyberpunk"

    Bruce Bethke invents the word Cyberpunk while writing a short story, the word is picked up by the Washington Post to describe Science Fiction writers.
  • Rise in the Cyberpunk movement

    The IBM Computer becomes available for Home PC users and Kraftwerk release their album "Computerwelt"
  • Time Magazine Uncovers Cyberpunk

    Time Magazine writes an article about Cyberpunk and injects it into the mainstream conciousness.
  • Popular Cyberpunk Flicks

    An Increase in Cyberpunk movies burst onto the big screen, such as "Twelve Monkeys", "Johnny Mnemonic", "Hackers" and the anime movie "Ghost in the Shell"
  • Y2K Bug

    The Dreaded Y2K Bug struck fear into the hearts of corporations. It was thought that all clocks wouldn't switch to 2000 in the new year, instead 1900. This did not happen.