5 important events in NASA history!!!!!

  • Glory

  • Ulysses

    Ulysses mission was to look at the sun and obseerve the suns gravitational pulls. The over all mission was to characterize the heliosphere as a function of solar latitude. The significance of Ulysses is that it gave NASA more information on what the fuction of the solar latitude of the sun so we can do farther research on the sun with what we have.
  • Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer (FAST)

    Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer (FAST)
    "FAST" was in the process of studing the Earths Auroa's. It helped scientists figure out question like what causes aurora's? FASt took snapshots of the aurora's and sent them back to earth to NASA. The sigificance of this mission was to help the sciencists answer questions they had about aurora's.
  • Phoenix Mars Lander

    Phoenix Mars Lander
    The Phoenix Mars Lander's mission was to check the planet's carbon dioxide, They found out that about 95 percent of the Martian atmosphere is carbon dioxide. The sigifiace of this mission is that it found information that we as humans can't yet do.
  • Robonaut 2

    Robonaut 2
    Robonaut 2's mission was to help out the astronauts in the space station. Robonaut was used as a helping hand. The signifiance of this mission was that if astronauts cant get something done or need extra help Robonaut is there to help.