5 Global Disruptions Influenced By Social Media

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  • #Blacklivesmatter

    This movement took social media by storm. Individual from both the black community and not rebelled against the police and fought for equal rights. Many believe racism is still alive and well in this country which brought this movement. This was most seen on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Trump Vs. Clinton Presidential Campaign

    Trump Vs. Clinton Presidential Campaign
    Twitter and Facebook were widely used to express viewpoints and hear the latest information about the candidates. Both parties leveraged their social media accounts to gain admiration and traction.
  • The Net Neutrality Debate

    The Net Neutrality Debate
    Social media users were becoming informed about specific legislation from the FCAA that would effect the way we use social media and the Internet. Many influencers were raising their voices about the issue and trying to have their followers petition the movement. This was huge on Twitter and Instagram.
  • The "Me Too" Movement

    The "Me Too" Movement
    Women from all over the world used social media to inform and present their stories about their experiences with sexual assault and harassment. The "Me Too" movement gained a huge following on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Gun Laws

    Gun Laws
    After the Florida school shooting, one of many that have happened within the last couple of years, people came together to share their option on gun regulation and laws. This discussion was happening mostly on Facebook and Twitter. Many are using social media to promote their beliefs and help make our schools and world a safer place.