By yoshi19
  • conception

    The act of conseven a child.
  • 1344 hours later

    1344 hours later
    The most dramatic growth of ones life.
  • The day the angel come form the sky

    The day the angel come form the sky
    The bady is born and fully developed
  • Senorimotor stage

    Senorimotor stage
    Characterized mainly by learning to coordinate sensation and perception with motor activity.
  • 4032 hours

    4032 hours
    6 month into the new world the baby can start doing his or her acrobatics turning for back to stomach.
  • Attachment

    At the age fo month 6 or 7 a baby can show signs that it want to be around someone never alone
  • Stranger Anxiety

    Stranger Anxiety
    Baby that experience this cry and reach for their parents if they are near strangers
  • 6720 hours

    6720 hours
    the baby is starting to learn how to kneel its self
  • 9072 hours

    9072 hours
    the baby is up and ready to walk
  • 10080 hours

    10080 hours
    the month 15 the baby had started walking.
  • Preoperational Stage

    Preoperational Stage
    Children view the world are different from those of adoescents and adult. They only see thing is 1 dimensional
  • Abuse and Neglect

    Abuse and Neglect
    This could happen eny time but form 5 up this could relly hurt a child.
  • Gender and Self-Esteem

    Gender and Self-Esteem
    The child begin to value themselves more
  • Concrete-Operational Stage

    Concrete-Operational Stage
    Children begin to show signs of adult thinking.Only logical only when they think of specific objects.
  • Formal-Operational Stage

    Formal-Operational Stage
    At age 12 kid start to show signs of ideas that can compaer and classifi mental object like X in algebra
  • Age and self-Esteem

    Age and self-Esteem
    learn skills and get better at them