• Dien Bien Phu

    The battle lasted 55 days, ending in 3,000 French troops killed and 8,000 injured. The Vietnanmese victory over the French shattered their relsove to carry on the war.
  • Creatuon of The Ho Chi Minh Trail

    An army unit of 559 men created a supply route from North Vietnam to Vietcong forces in South Vietnam.
  • Gulf of Tonkin Attack

    South Vietnamese commandors attack two small North Vietnam islands. The U.S. Maddox an electornic spy ship.
  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution:

    President Johnson signs the resoultion.
  • Rolling Thunder

    limited but long lasting bombing offencive, aimed at North Vietnam to stop supporting Vietcong gurriellas in the South.
  • US Offers Peace For Economic Aid Proposal

    The U.S. offers North Vietnam economic aid in exchange of peace, this is rejected by North Vietnam,
    Two weeks later President Johnson strengthens the combat in Vietnam to 60,000 troops and joins with allied forces to show International support.
  • First Major Battle of Vietnam War For American Units

    American Army launches operation starlite, United States scores a resounding victory, killing nearly 700 Vietcong soilders.
  • United States Becomes Actively Involved

    Late 1961 Kennedy orders more help for South Vietnam, more then 3000 military advisors and support personnel.
  • Operation Junction City

    largest air mobile assult ever, 240 helicopters sweep over Tay Ninh province. Goal, to destroy Vietcong bases and military headquaters for South Vietnam. 30,000 U.S. troops plus 5,000 men from South Vietnamese army, This lasted 72 days.
  • Khe Sanh Attacked By Vietcong

    18 Marines killed instantly and 40 wounded.
    The battle carries on for 2 days after intial strike.
  • Tet Offensive Begins

    Vietcong units surge into action over the length and breadth of South Vietnam. 100's of cities and towns are shocked by the Vietcong snipper commandos. created more then half a million civilian refugees. for the Americans, who lost 2,500 men, it is a serious blow to public support.
  • My Lai Massacre

    U.S. Charlie Company kills about two hundred civilians
  • Nixon Takes Office

    President Richard M. Nixon takes office as the new President of the United States
  • Operation Menu

    President Nixon authorizes Operation Menu, the bombing of North Vietnamese and Vietcong bases within Cambodia
  • All but 133,000 US Troops Have Come Home

    Two thirds of America's troops have gone in two years. South vietnam has over 1 million troops.
  • Peace Talks Break Down

    In Paris the peace talk breaks down.
  • Peace Talk Resumes

    Peace talk resumes in Paris.
  • Cease Fire Signed

    All warring parties in the Vietnam War sign a cease fire
  • Nixon Resigns

    President Richard M. Nixon resigns, leaving South Vietnam without its strongest advocate.
  • Last Casualties For The US And Final Evacuation

    the last Marines of the force guarding the U.S. embassy lift off.