Jamestown Settlements

  • Found Jamestown

    On May 13th the colonists chose Jamestown Island for settlement. It met London Company's expectations and it had a river channel nearby.
  • Fortifying Jamestown

    On May 14th they stepped ashore and began fortifying Jamestown against Spaniards and Indians.
  • Fire in James Fort!

    A fire broke out in James fort causing bad distruction. By spring repairs had begun.
  • Smith Elected President

    Smith was elected president of the Virginia Council. He made a set of rules, One of which required men to work if they wanted to eat.
  • Tabacco Shipped!

    John Rolfe sent his first shipment of tabacco to England
  • Pocahontas Died

    Pocahontas died at gravesend on March 21st, 1617
  • Lord De La Warr

    Lord De La Warr died on June 7th, 1618
  • Slaves arive!

    First recorded africans arive in Virginia.
  • Pilgrims Arrive at Plymouth

    Pilgrims landed at Plymouth to establish a colony in "Northen Virginia"
  • Sir Francis succeeded

    Sir Francis Wyatt succeeded Sir George Yeardley when Yeardley's three-year term expired.
  • Killing!

    Opechancanough led the Powhatan Indians to killing 1/3 of the 1200 colonists in Virginia.
  • King James I died!

    King James I died and was succeeded by his son, Charles I.