the new settlers.

  • Period: to

    Jamestown, Roanoake

  • Sighting!

    The three ships sighted the land of Virginia, landed at Cape Henry and were attacked by indians.
  • Released!

    John smith was released by powhatan and returned to Jamestown. Captin Christopher Newport arrived with the first Jamestown resupply including provisions and more men. They found 38 settlers remaining at Jamestown.
  • The second charter.

    The second charter.
    The Second Charter was granted by james I to the Virginia Componany, giving power to a governer rather then to a council in Virginia and allowinf the Company to sell shares of stock. The first appointed governer was Lord De La Warr, but he did not arrive in Virginia until 1610.
  • Just Barley Hanging On....

    Just Barley Hanging On....
    Sir Thomos Gates sailed back from Bermuda and found his colony barley alive and starving for food.
  • Yay!

    Sir tomas Dale returned to Virginia as deputy governre and with jim he brought 300 new people, food and live stock.
  • City...

    The 4th Virginia Company "City" was estabilished at Bermuda Hundered following Jamestown, henrico, and Kecoughtan.
  • First shipment

    First shipment
    John Rolfe had sent his first shipment of tabacco to England.
  • To England

    To  England
    Dale took Pocahontas and John rolfe, with there infant son to England to promote investment in Virginia. Pocahontas is entertained at the court of Kinf James the 1st and Queen Anne.
  • Pocahontas died.

    Pocahontas died.
    Pocahontas died at Gravesebd, England.
  • The Pilgrims Arrived...

    The Pilgrims Arrived...
    The pilgrims arrive to there new settlement to ''North Virginia"
  • Hoping For Silk..

    Hoping For Silk..
    The settlers, hoping to produce silk, planted Mulberry trees to feed silkworms. They weren't very successful.
  • A Puase In The War.

    A Puase In The War.
    A period of intermittent arefare between the English and the Idians.