JamesTown Timeline

  • The beginning!

    May 13, colonists chose Jamestown Island as the site for the settlement! This met the instructions of the London Company!

  • They Start Building a Fort.

    They Start Building a Fort.
    The indians attacked the colonists forcing them to make a strong triangular fort! The picture describes
  • Period: to


    Captain John Smith, while on an exploring and trading expedition, he was captured by a indian hunting party! :O
    He was then taken to Powhatan where Powhatan was about to kill john smith! OH NO!!!! Pocahontas saved John Smith's life!
  • Releasement of John Smith

    John Smith was released by Powhatan and he returned to Jamestown! There was only 38 settlers left! :O
  • John Smith is accused of causing deaths.

    John Smith was accused of causing the deaths of his men on the expedition.Christopher Newport returns on the John and Francis with the first supply of food and additional settlers; Newport halts the Smith execution.
  • Period: to

    The starving time.

    The "starving time" reduces the population to 60 gaunt survivors from the previous fall's population of 500-600
  • Capturement of Pocahontas!

    Captain Argall captures Pocahontas and brings her to Jamestown as a hostage.
  • Marriage

    Colonist John Rolfe marries Pocahontas! They love each other very much!
  • Tobacco.

    Rolfe ships his first load of tobacco to England.
  • Rolfe and Pocahontas arrive in London

    Rolfe and Pocahontas (Rebecca) arrive in London.
    The Virginia Company institutes the "headright" system, giving 50 acres to anyone who would pay fare and 50 additional acres for each person brought with him.
  • Weekly Obituary

    Pocahontas dies in Gravesend, England