history of m a s h 4077

  • About a novel huh

    M A S H is an American tv series developed by Larrr Gelbert adapted from 1970 feater film m a s h wich was itself based on the 1968 novel mash:a novel about 3 army dr by Richard Hooker
  • Feature film

    M A S H was a 1970 feature film
  • Premierered

    The series premierered on sep 17 1972
  • The 25th epesoide

    Divided we stand was the 25th epesoide
  • aired

    Part 1 aired on feb 28 1974
  • series 1

    Series 1 premierd
  • two epesoides aired as one hour speacilty

    Two epesoides aired as one hour speacilty
  • traper was created

    Traper jhon m.d was created on sep 4 1986