• bicycle

    This changed traveling forever
  • radio

    This invention let us comunicate long distances
  • television

    This let us watch moving pictures in the comfort of our homes
  • television broadcasts

    This let many people watch the same show at the same time.
  • computers

    Computers were the starting point for gaming and the internet
  • Cell phones

    Cell phones
    Cellphones are in my top 20 because they have made it easy to talk while moving around and made phones more portable.
  • printers

    This let us print off copies of what we type on the computer instead of having to right it down
  • solar powered cars

    This was the start of envirmentally safe vehicles
  • video camera

    Video cameras are in my top 20 because they make capturing a moment as easy as the click of a button.
  • Mario

    Mario was the first videogame hero ever
  • Labtop

    Labtops allow us to bring the internet with us wherever we go
  • Discs

    Discs are in my top 20 because they made videogames, movies, etc. more portable.
  • Original nintendo

    Original nintendo
    This system is where videogames all started
  • Gameboy color

    Gameboy color
    The gameboy color is in my top 20 because they were where videogames all started and where they became portable.
  • Internet

    The internet is in my top 20 because it sharing info long distances easy and fast.
  • Google

    Google is in my top 20 because it lets us access info quickly and easily.
  • ipod

    Is a handheld music player that you can also watch movies and play games on
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    This is what i believe is the best game system out
  • Wii

    The we is a videogame that you have to get up and move around to play
  • playstation 3