the odyssey

  • Trojan War

    gose to the Trojan war and hides inside a giant wooden horse
  • Period: to

    odysseus travels

  • Cicones

    Odysseus encounter the Cicones, friends of the Trojans, and they hate Odysseus. He attack the town, robbing and killing them.
  • Lotus

    They arive on the island and sends men to explore. they find fruit called Lotus and once they eat they do not wish to leave. he drags them and ties them down and sails away.
  • Cyclops

    they go to a island were a evil Cyclops lives and inprisons them, but they skillfuly escape by hidding under the sheeps bellys after blinding the Cyclops.
  • Aeolus

    wind kings island who is Aeolus, and stays for a month
  • Ithica

    they see the Ithica shore but while odysseus is sleeping his men opens the bag of wind and sends them back to Aeolus.
  • Last Laestrygones

    a island were canibles attack his ship leaving him and only 45 men alive.
  • Aeaea and Circe

    A witch who tricks some of Odysseus men and turns them into animals. stays there for 7 years convincing circe to turn them back.
  • land of dead

    Odysseus goes to the land of the dead. In the underworld, he hears his prophecy. Odysseus also sees that his mom died. She tells him that Telemachus, Penelope, and Laertes are missing him back in Ithaca. Then he leaves
  • Return to Circe

    Makes him tells her about underworld, then leaves
  • Sirens

    Bird ladies that sing to Odysseus while he is tied up they all most get him!
  • Scyalla and Chayidbis

    Odysseus chooses to go through the caves were Scyalla lies and knows that he will lose 6 men but its a better choice then losing all his men going through Chayidbis.
  • Helio's Cattle

    Zeus warns Odysseus dont let his men eat Hellios Cattle but he falls asleep and his men ,who are starving, eat the Cattle and die by Zeuses bolt and only Odysseus survives.
  • Calypso

    Odysseus floats to Calypso island and she keeps him there for 7 years
  • King Alcinous

    Calypso lets him leave after the funkyness and he sails to King Alcinous were he tells his story. The king feels bad for him and gives him a raft to sail home.
  • HOME!!!!! HOMEDOG!!!!

    finally sails home, but cant show himself to his family yet because the suiter want him dead. So Athena disquises him as a begger.
  • Telemachus

    shows himself to his son ,Telemachus, and has a heart to heart.
  • The Battle with the Suitors

    Fights the Suitors for his wife, and he has the chance to let some live but he kills all of them.
  • Penelope

    shows himself to his wife, and at first his wife does not belive him and gives him a test by saying move there bed. Then she sees that it is really him and they make up and live happily ever after.