Lexington concord

  • Lexington Concord

    Lexington Concord
    Lexington concord was the first battle.a new found respect is now found for the minutemen and the milita who will soon turn into the continental army.
  • Bunker Breeds Hill

    Bunker Breeds Hill
    On june 17 1775 the battle of bunker breeds hill took place it is one of the most inportant colonial victories in the U.S. war of independence.also the second battle.
  • Saratoga

    In december general somebody concerted with the british ministry a plan for the comaign of 1777. A large force under his command was to go to albany by way of lakes champion and while another body under sir henery huson
  • Charleston

    This was a serve blow to the colonies. It was the greatest loss of manpower and equipment of the war for the americans and gave the british nerley complete control of the southern colonies.
  • Cowpens

    110 pepole got killed in the battle.
  • Yorktown

    In may 1781 british genrel charles eral cornwells decided to move north viginia. york town was the last battle.