American Revoltion

  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    Battle of Lexington and Concord
    The first shot of the war was fired there.Have you ever heard the saying ''the shot heard around the world'? Well, thats where it came from.
  • The Battle Bunker (Breed's Hill)

    The Battle Bunker (Breed's Hill)
    This was the second battle.The patroits lost this battle ,but they learned to hide behind things and keep safe.It was ment to be fought on Bunkers hill but it was fought on breeds hill.The Patriots ran out of amunison.
  • The Battle Saratoga

    The Battle Saratoga
    This battle was the turning point of the war for the amerians. American forces defeded the British and their attempt to split.
  • The battle of Charleston

    The battle of Charleston
    In 1778 the British commander-in-cheif in america Lt.general Henry Clinton turned his attention to the south,where partiisan fighting betweenpatroit milita and torieshadb been heavy.
  • The battle of Cowpens

    The battle of Cowpens
    It was a important battle in South Carolina.This battle showed cooperationof the regular continental army andirregular partisans forces.
  • The battle Yorktown

    The battle Yorktown
    This was the final battle of the war.The french navy assisted Gorge Wasington and his army by blockading the harbor.