The Great Terror

  • Selective Service Act

    Selective Service Act
    It was passed by the Congress of the United States on May 18, 1917. It was for men to go to WWI at a young age.
  • Neutrality Act

    Neutrality Act
    The Neutrality Acts were laws that were passed by the United States Congress in the 1930s, in response to the growing turmoil in Europe and Asia that eventually led to World War II.
  • Munich Pact

    Munich Pact
    The four countries of Germany, Italy, France, and Great Britain composed and signed the Munich Pact in Munich, Germany
  • Tripartite Act

    Tripartite Act
    it was a pact signed in Berlin, Germany on September 27, 1940, which established the Axis Powers of World War II.
  • The Great Terror

    The Great Terror
    it was a book that gave rise to an alternate title of the period in Soviet history known as the Great Purge.
  • Pearl Habor

    Pearl Habor
    The attack on Pearl Harbor (or Hawaii Operation, Operation Z, as it was called by the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters, and Battle of Pearl Harbor by some Americans)[6] was an unannounced military strike conducted by the Japanese navy against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor