key battles

By jamiea1
  • lexington and concord

    lexington and concord
    This event is sometimes reffered to as the ''shot heard round the world'' because of the impacct of the American revolutionary ideals on other nations.
  • bunker hill

    bunker hill
    the untrained Americans were forced to surrender when they ran out of gunpowder.
  • saratoga

    The turning point of the war for the American patriots. The french were willing to enter into an alliance with the americans.
  • charleston

    The first attempt by the British to capture charleston was stopped by the tides and the resilence of the pallmetto log fort that became known as fort moultrie.
  • cowpens

    Important battle in South Carolina.Showed the cooperation of the continental army.Tricked the british regulars into thinking that the Americans were retreating.
  • yorktown

    The french, George Washington,And his army blockaded the harbor.Surrendede by American and french forces, the british were defeated and surrendured.This wasthe final battie of the war.