The Key Battles of the Revolutionary War

By tyrunh
  • Lexington & Concord

    Lexington & Concord
    The first shots of the revolution were fired there. This event in sometimes referred to as the " shot heard 'round the world " because of the impact amereican revolutionary ideals on other nations.
  • Battle (Breeds) Hill

    Battle (Breeds) Hill
    First official battle of the american revolution. Signifit because of what the americans learnd. Aulthough the untrained american troops wered forced to surrender when ranout of gunpowder they inflicted heavy causualities on the british.
  • Sarotoga

    The turning point of the war for the american patriots. American forces defeated the attempt to split the colnies at the hudson river.
  • Charleston

    The first attept by the british to capture Charelston was stopped by the tides and the reliance of the palmetto log fort that became known as Fort Moultrie.
  • Cowpens

    Important battle in south carolina, showed the cooperation of the regular continental army and the irregular partisan forces. The partisans led the attack and then fled the field.
  • Yorktown

    Final battle of the war the french navy assisting general George Washington and his army by blockading the harbor. THe blockade prevented british ships from entering the harbor.