key battle of the american revolitonary war

By elrich
  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord As a result, the Second Continental Congress met and named George Washington Commander-in-Chief of the army that gathered around Boston after Lexington and Concord.
  • bunker breeds hill

    american leadeLexington and Concord
  • saratoga

    The turning point of the war for the American Patriots.
    American forces defeated the British in their attempt to split the colonies at the Hudson River.
    Because of this victory the French were willing to enter into an alliance with the Americans which brought both financial aid and the help of the French navy.
  • charleston

    Charleston, South Carolina The port of Charleston, South Carolina was under siege by the British for many days.
    It was attacked by blockading the harbor and cutting off supply lines, until it fell to the British.
    Soon Patriot partisans were fighting the Brit
  • cowpens

    Important battle in South Carolina. Showed the cooperation of the regular Continental Army and the irregular partisan forces.
    The partisans led the attack and then fled the field, tricking the British regulars into thinking that the Americans were retreating.
    Instead the partisans lured the British forces into range of the regular American army. The British were soundly defeated and retreated northward toward Virginia.
  • yorktown

    Final battle of the war.
    The French navy assisted General George Washington and his army by blockading the harbor.
    The blockade prevented British ships from entering the harbor
    The British army, camped in Virginia waiting for transport to winter quarters, from escaping.
    Surrounded by American and French forces, the British were defeated and surrendered.