1920's Timeline

  • End of World War One

    End of World War One
    The end of WWI brought soldiers home, ready to go back to their lives. As Europe began to rebuild, the Lost Genereation mourned their losses, celebrated their victories, and attempted to return to "normalcy".
  • "Swanee" hits number one

    "Swanee" hits number one
    "Swanee", by Al Johnson, was the number one hit for 18 straight weeks. It was one of the most popular songs of the 1920's, demonstrating the decade's love of jazz music.
  • Invention of the Band-Aid

    Invention of the Band-Aid
    Earle Dickinson invented the Band-Aid in 1921. His wife often cut her hands when working in the kitchen, and Dickenson wanted her to have a more effective way of bandaging her hands than the traditional method using gauze and tape. His employer, James Johnson was impressed with the invention and decided to manucature it. Dickinson became vice president of Johnson & Johnson. The sucess of the Band-Aid is part of the reason why Johnson & Johnson is still around today.
  • 19th Amendment is Ratified

    19th Amendment is Ratified
    In 1920, women were finally given the rights that they had spent decades fighting for. The change made it so that the Constitution allowed both genders to have voting rights, influencing America forever.
  • First Commercial Radio Broadcast

    First Commercial Radio Broadcast
    The invention and commercialization of the radio drastically changed communication and recreation in the United States. With the turn of a dial, music, sports bradcasts, news, and other forms of entertainment were easily available.
  • "Fatty" Arbuckle Scandal

    "Fatty" Arbuckle Scandal
    When a young actress, Virginia Rappe, was found dead at a party in San Francisco, the newspapers went wild, accusing popular actor "Fatty" Arbuckle of rape and murder. Though there was no evidence, newspapers went into graphic details, outraging the public and convincing many of the immorality of Hollywood. Though Arbuckle was tried and found innocent, his acting career was over.
  • The Molly Pitcher Club is Founded

    In 1922, the Molly Pitcher Club was founded. This organization of women demonstrated that not all females supported Prohibition.
  • First Sucessful Insulin Treatment

    First Sucessful Insulin Treatment
    Insulin was discovered to be successful in the treatment of diabetes patients, helping thousands of people manage this disease.
  • Rosewood Massacre Begins

    Rosewood Massacre Begins
    The Rosewood Massacre illistrates racial tension at it's peak. The riots, murders, and destruction that happened at Rosewood alarmed people all across America and was a call to action for political leaders.
  • Leopold and Loeb Murder Bobby Franks

    Leopold and Loeb Murder Bobby Franks
    Leopold and Loeb gained national attention after murdering their fourteen year old neighbor, Bobby Franks. The country was horrified and intrigued with the case because of the young killer's motive; nothing. Leopold and Loeb simply wanted to see if they could commit the perfect crime.
  • Scopes Monkey Trial Begins

    Scopes Monkey Trial Begins
    The 1920's was a decade of change. In the Scopes Mokey Trail, Liberals and Conservatives faced off and debated over teaching the theory of evolution in schools. John T. Scopes, who was accused of the crime, was defended by Clarence Darrow, one of the top lawyers of the time period. William Jennings Bryan, another famous lawyer, was on the prosecution. Scopes was found guilty and fined $100, but Darrow had the real victory.
  • Mein Kampf is Published

    Mein Kampf is Published
    The publication of Hitler's autobiography shows his rising power and popularity in Germany, which is ultimately one of the factors that leads the U.S. into World War II.
  • Gertrude Ederle Swims the English Channel

    Gertrude Ederle Swims the English Channel
    For the first time in history, a woman swam the English Channel- and she did it faster than any man had. This event inspired women globally, and Erdele became a symbol that anything is possible.
  • The Bath School Disaster

    The Bath School Disaster
    Andrew Kehoe, a school board member upset by a property tax, set off three bombs at Bath Consolidated School in Bath Township, Michigan. He injured 58 people and killed 45, making it the deadliest mass murder in any school in the U.S.
  • Sacco and Vanzetti are Executed

    Sacco and Vanzetti are Executed
    America's fear of foreigners in this time period is evident in the Sacco and Vanzetti case. The men were found guilty of robbery and murder after a supposed witness testified, saying that she saw men who "looked Italian" fleeing the scene of the crime.
  • Penicillin is Discovered

    Penicillin is Discovered
    Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928. The mold growing on his petri dish turned out to be a strong antibiotic, which has saved millions of lives.
  • Sliced Bread

    Sliced Bread
    In 1928, Fredrick Rohwedder created the first bread slicer. It was used for the first time on July 7th by the Chillicothe Baking Company. The availablility of sliced bread, along with the growing popularity of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, would change the American lunchbox forever.
  • The first Oscars were given

    The first Oscars were given
    The first Oscars were given in 1929, showing America's growing love for movies.