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september 2008

  • warwick castle

    warwick castle
    done with this painting
  • deathnote movie

    deathnote movie
    got to watch deathnote the first time... and in live action.
  • as you like it

    as you like it
    read this comedy about a banished daughter of a dethroned duke that disguised as a boy to test her lover's sincerity.
  • nabari no ou

    nabari no ou
    started looking into this underdog series. it's about ninjas of the modern times, an "omnipotent" jutsu vessel (that could grant any wish but has none of his own -- until later), a "kira" user (who's neither a boy nor a girl), an immortal, a samurai in mini skirt, an english teacher who wouldn't get on a public vehicle if it kills him... My hopes on this series... yoite better not die... then again, he'd better come back to life again but not in a dream sequence...~_~
  • kigeki (comedy)

    kigeki (comedy)
    watched this 10 minute short movie set in ireland's war for independence about a girl who pleads the black swordsman (with a weird hobby) to save her village. "You want to know what happened to the bodies?" she asks... but she can't tell...
  • right now i'm babysitting

    right now i'm babysitting
    took my niece to the kiddie park and chased after her the entire time..
  • nabari no ou 24

    nabari no ou 24
    ep 24 is out and its off to the last 2 episodes of the anime. everything just went crazy in this episode and as far as ep 18 this one strayed very far from the manga. chapter 51 of the manga will be out soon, ah, it's tomorrow! (^0^)/. i'm aching to know if miharu did 'erase' yoite. it'd be the worst thing he could do and would most likely leave him more introverted..>_< all in all this series is, as it was rated, slashable unless kamatani-sama decides to show some really amazing things..^_^