The Roaring Twenties

  • the jazz age and lous armstrong

    the jazz age and lous armstrong
    during the 1920's after the great war blacks brought in the harlem renassance ane needed jobs. at this time writing and music became popular occupations for blacks. the blues also became popular.
  • Prohibition

    banning alcohol. All sale manufacture, and transportation for alcohol were banned. It led to the first time an amendment sent to the u.s. constitution was repealed.
  • ku klux klan "kkk"

    ku klux klan "kkk"
    starts in 1866 and goes on into present time. the kkk is a white supremacy group against african americans, and performed murder, lynching, arson, rape, and bombings.
  • movies

    dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, starring john barrymore and nita naldi, the mark of zorro, starring douglas fairbanks, the kid starring charlie chaplin
  • The nineteenthe amendment

    The nineteenthe amendment
    The ninetenenth amendment was a result of woman not being treated equally. the new amendment gave woman the right to vote and no one can be discriminated against based on sex.
  • harding elected president

    harding elected president
    warren g. harding was elected as the 29th president of the united states, and belonged to the republican party. Signed peace treaties with germany, austria, and hungary ending the great war. The stock market crash gets pinned on his presidency.
  • teapot dome

    teapot dome
    the teapot dome scandel took place from 1921 to 1923. It was a bribery scandel and investigation that took place under warren g. harding. The teapot dome ia an oil field on public land in northern wyoming. Albert Fall recieved "gifts" from the oilmen toataling about 404,000 dollars which is equal to about 4 million dollars in the year 2000. Money changing hands was illegal, but the lease itself was not. Fall would have gotten away with it, but he had a dramatic change in his standard of living
  • tulsa and rosewood race riot

    tulsa and rosewood race riot
    Masive race riots. A massacre during a large scale civil disturbance caused by racial discrimination. The insident with dick rowland and the girl in the elevator became a huge focus with society.
  • cars of the 1920's

    cars of the 1920's
    cars in the 1920's had just become a commodity with model t by ford motor company. By 1924 the model t became one of the most widely used cars. The first production ofthe model t was assembled at the piquette avenue plant in detroit october 1, 1908. Over the next 19 years 150,000 model t engines were made for automobiles.
  • liturature

    adolf hitler's book Mein Kampf was published. Mein Kampf translates to "my struggle" which he wrote while he was in "jail" also f scott fitzgerald wrote the great gatsby and was published in 1925. The great gatsby has become one of the best known books of the 1920's.
  • scopes monkey trial

    scopes monkey trial
    scopes vs. the state of tenesse
    The problem in this case was teaching evolution through the bible. It was illegal to teach the theory of god creating the universe and man.
  • babe ruth breaks home run record

    babe ruth breaks home run record
    babe ruth breaks the old home run record with 60 home runs in the season of 1927.babe ruth was ranked number one on the list of best players.
  • sacco and vanzetti execution

    sacco and vanzetti execution
    accused of robbing a shoe factory, both are italian and practicing anarchists. the eye witness at the factory said the robbers looked italian, so police quickly turned there attention to the two people who were greatly unliked as being practicing anarchist. because of that fact alone they were acused of robbing the factory. both were exicuted and it is still possible they were inoccent.
  • the first talkie

    the first talkie
    sound film was taken into the united states in the mid to late 1920's. The first sound films were just music and special effects sound. The first feature film that was presented as a talkie was "The Jazz Singer" which was released in 1927. The film was made using vitaphone which derives from the greek word meaning "living" and "sound".
  • penicillin

    Penicillin was discovered by accident when alexander fleming left a dish of bacteria undcovered for a few days. It was later found that penicillin is effective on many kinds of harmful bacteria.
  • the stock market crash (black thursday)

    the stock market crash (black thursday)
    unemployment goes throught the roof at 30 percent and the great depression is blamed on harding. the stock market was unable to substain the high price levels an lost over 16 billion dollars oct 29 1929. 16 million shares were traded.