Love, Stargirl

By maddief
  • New Beginning

    New Beginning
    Last year, Stargirl was new to Arizona and Mica High. But after one year she moved and left her boyfriend, Leo, and all her friends behind after her social life didnt go quite as planned. She decided to write a letter to Leo which she calls the world's longest letter, it contains all the new things she is experiencing in her new life. Her new beginning.
    I chose this picture because Stargirl isn't afraid to live life to the fullest and have fun. She also never gave up her love for Leo.
  • Meeting Dootsie

    Meeting Dootsie
    Stargirl is a spiritual person, so she started her morning by meditating in the park. She plotted herself on a picnic table and begun. Soon after she felt a tug on her coat and turned to find a 6 year old, Dootsie Pringle.
    This picture represents the wonderful friendship Stargirl and Dootsie soon establish.
  • Agoraphobia

    Dootsie, the little rascal she is, decided to drag Stargirl to meet Betty Lou. Betty Lou hasn't left her house in 9 years because she is agoraphobic. That doesn't stop her from being a very jolly person though.
    This picture represents Betty's agoraphobia. She is even too scared to open her door, much like the woman in this picture.
  • Margie and Alvina

    Margie and Alvina
    Even though Stargirl is homeschooled, her mother assigns her field trips. This time she was told to go to Margie's dougnut shop. Outside she sees a girl screaming at three boys, Alvina. Margie introduced Stargirl to her. She found out that shes 11 and works at Margie's for dougnuts.
    This picture reminds me of Alvina. Her crossed arms make me think of how sassy Alvina is.
  • Dumpster Boy

    Dumpster Boy
    Stargirl first saw this boy by a dumpster one morning while she was on a milk run with her father. When she saw him talking to Dootsie she didn't like it one bit because she always sees him stealing. She followed him on his way home and found out he lived at a repair shop. The next day Dootsie told her his name was Perry.
    Stargirl was following Perry home and saw him steal a lemon. When she got to his house and asked him why he steals, he just spat lemon seeds at her.
  • Countdown to Winter Solstice

    Countdown to Winter Solstice
    Today Stargirl started her countdown to Winter Solstice. She took rope, a croquet steak, a hammer, and a spatuala. She created a calender, similar to Stonehenge, like our ancestors used to keep of themselves in time. Every Thursday she would place down another spatula to form an arc that traces the path of the rising sun. It all leads up to WInter Solstice.
    The spatulas are very important to this calender wich is being made. It represents how close Stargirl's countdown is to Winter Solstice.
  • Garden Groomer

    Garden Groomer
    Stargirl's first day of work as the 'Garden Groomer'. Today she went to groom the garden of the Klecko family. Little did she know she was at Alvina's house. She discovered this when she heard Alvina screaming at her little brother for cutting off her beautifly decorated finger nail.
    Stargirl calls herself the Garden Groomer. She takes her wagon with her to the houses she goes to. On the side of her wagon she painted a big sunflower.
  • Blob Festival

    Blob Festival
    The town Stargirl lives in was once in a movie called 'The Blob'. Now they hold an anual Blob Festival where everyone gathers in the Theatre to watch The Blob movie. Then they bring the scene to life: the Blob oozes out of the projection booth and everyone runs in a stampede out of the Theatre acting terrified. Afterwards they hold a costume contest, which Dootsie ended up winning.
    I chose this picture to represent the Blob. Only the real Blob was much bigger.
  • A Morning With Perry

    A Morning With Perry
    Another morning meditating on the table in the park. Stargirl opened her eyes to find Perry, eyes closed, meditating next to her. They had a long conversation, each topic pulling Stargirl closer and closer to Perry.
    The fireworks are what Stargirl feels everytime she is with Perry. She gets a feeling like no other, but she still isn't sure what to do about her and Leo. She still feels something when she thinks about him.
  • House Fire

    House Fire
    Stargirl was on her usual bike ride to Calender Hill, when she smelled fire! She rode down the street past Calender Hill and found the fire. It was in her neighbors house. She went inside to wake up the people who lived there, but she didn't know they weren't home. Stargirl tripped over something and broke her ankle. She ended up staying in the hospital for a week.
    I chose the First Aid sign because Stargirl had to go to the hospital to gain her health back.