Cracker! by Cynthia Kadohata

By nick_a
  • Willie Gives Away Cracker

    Willie Gives Away Cracker
    Willie is an only child who lives with his mother and father. The light of his life is Cracker, A female german shepherd.She keeps willie happy all of the time, and even sleeps with him. Willie takes her out into the alley to play. Cracker thinks of herself as a great hunter. There is one problem though, the apartment the moved into has a rule against pets. Willie's family was given a month to get rid of Cracker, They dicided to donate her to the army as a scout dog, Willie is devastated.
  • Period: to


  • Rick Joins Army

    Rick Joins Army
    Rick's family doesn't believe that he is collage material and say that he will end up back working at his fathers shop. In his parents eyes he would never be as good as his sister. Rick is determined to whip the world, and joins the Army. His journey starts when he is assigned to the scout dog platoon.
  • Paired Up

    Paired Up
    Today is the day that the soldiers will be assigned their dogs, and everyones hopes are high because some dogs just won't learn. The infamous Cracker is just one of those dogs. Twenty Twenty, and Cody are two good friends that Rick made in training. Sargent U-Hall assigns Cody a dog named Bruno, and Twenty Twenty a dog named Tristie, two of the best dogs. Rick is assigned Cracker and is jelous.
  • Top of Class

    Top of Class
    Cracker has been giving Rick a hard time with training, but something changed. Cracker does everything now, and does it perfectly. They are the best pair, even above Twenty Twenty, and Cody. They find every trap even a man hiding under water. But this is when they get the news, they are being sent out to Vietnam next week.
  • A Long Ride

    A Long Ride
    Rck spent all day on a plane to Vietnam. They made several stops on the way, so the men could check on their dogs. Once they finally get there, and step out into the heat every man wants to go back on the plane. Rick and cracker take a ride to camp with other soldiers, and pass through some villages on the way. Twice it started to rain out of nowhere and moments later stopped.
  • Good News!

    Good News!
    Rick And Cracker are macking great progress in Vietnam. They havent let any trap gt by them. They are being sent out more and more. Sargent U-Hall is even treating Rick better. Last, Rick and Cracker were nominated for a special mission to rescue soldiers in Cambodia, it will be a secret but the military will know about it, and the president so they better not screw it up. We go in a week.
  • The Mission

    The Mission
    Today is the day of the special mission in Cambodia, and a guy with a nick name Camel will be leading the mission. After a long helicopter ride they land and must begin to move to the camp. they go 5 clicks before it gets dark and they camp for the night. The next day we move towards the camp and on Camels shot they all begin to fire Cracker takes out one guy and they rescue the prisoners.
  • Ambush!

    Today we were just assigned to a regular patrol, and we had to clear a camp. We got there and began to clear out the rice patties when all of a sudden all of the villagers dropped to the ground. Gun fire came from everywhere some men hit the ground, and some ran. Cracker was gone where did she go! I screamed as a pice of debris came flying into my leg. The medic came for me and I told him to get my dog.
  • Hospital and Home

    Hospital and Home
    I woke up in the Hospital and went through much rehab. I asked the doctor of my dog, and he knew nothing of it so I did all could from the bed. They even sent out search parties. After another month I was sent home. Then out on nowhere I got a call from Cody, they found Cracker!
  • A Real Home

    A Real Home
    There was one problem with getting Cracker, most of the dogs that survived the war were put down. So Rick sent letters to everyone, the senator, U-Hall, everyone. Some how Cracker was sent home to Rick. Rick went to the Airport to get Cracker, and Willie was there. Once Cracker Rick gave her a big hug and took her to the car. Last he told Willie he could visit any time science he still lived in the apartment. Then Crcker was HOME.