The Penultimate Peril

By mike-d
  • The Picnic

    The Picnic
    Claus, Violet, and Sunny meet with Kit (an old friend) to discuss what Kit Snicket wanted them to do. Violet, Claus and Sunny meet her at a taxi and they drive off to a lone field near a hotel to have a picnic. The Baudelaire Orphans were recently filed charges for murder so they are on the run from the police. The police think that they murdered Kit Snicket's brother so they explain to Kit that they did not kill him. I chose this picture because they had a picnic. Also the blanket looks similar
  • The Disguises

    The Disguises
    The Baudelaire Orphans were given consierge disguises to stay hidden in the nearbye hotel. There mission is to find villians that are disguised as regular people in the hotel. Claus, Violet and Sunny need to find the manager that runs the hotel because he knows secrets about who killed there parents. Frank is the man they need to find, but Frank (the manager) has a identical evil twin. I chose this picture because the lobby looks like the lobby in the book. Also the uniform looks the same.
  • Beginning of Their New Jobs

    Beginning of Their New Jobs
    The Baudelaire Orphans walked into the lobby dressed in there disguises and were almost immedietly confronted my the manager Frank. But actually the orphans did not know if it was Frank or his evil twin Earnest. Frank or Earnest give the Baudelaires instructions on what there job is going to be like. Whenever the bell rings one of them has to go and serve that guest who rang the bell. Three different bells rang so they went to work. I chose this picture because this is looks like that bell.
  • Getting the Harpoon Gun for Carmalita

    Getting the Harpoon Gun for Carmalita
    Violet quickly runs to the elevator and pushes the button that says "Rooftop Salon". The elevator carries her up to the rooftop and then she quickly confronted the guest that called her. She quickly realized who that person was and that person was Esme Squalor (count olaf's evil girlfriend). Count Olaf was there legal guardian until the orphans ran away. Then Carmalita (one of her friends) wanted a harpoon gun. I chose this picture because this is a real harpoon gun.
  • Claus and Sonny's Tasks

    Claus and Sonny's Tasks
    Meanwhile Claus and Sunny were performing there tasks. Claus was called up to the Sauna to supplie the guest with towels. He overheard a consversation with the guest and Frank/Earnest. They were talking about something happening thursday at the hotel. He did not hear it that clearly though. Sunny was called up to lead a guest to a Indian Food restraunt that is located in the hotel. I chose this picture because towels are something that you would find in a sauna.
  • Puzzled Baudelaires

    Puzzled Baudelaires
    The next day, the orphans gather together and discuss what they have seen and heard. As they all were discussing there experiences they noticed that in every single experince Frank/Earnest was in every one. Then they realized that they were trpilets. The other brother's name was Dewey. So they concluded that sunny encountered Dewey, Claus encountered Earnest and Violet encountered Frank. I chose this picture because sunny encountered Dewey in a Library. Thats why i chose this picture.
  • Encountering Count Olaf

    Encountering Count Olaf
    Everyone was talking about a J.S they found written on the wall in one of the librarys. Everyone thought that someone was trying to impersonate Jacques Snicket (Kit Snickets brother, who is dead) but it was actually a man who was staying at the hotel Justin Strauss. He was a man who was trying to prosecute Count Olaf so he was an enemy of him. I chose this picture because it looks like two men that are talking seriously about something. Like an umcoming trial.
  • The Sugar Bowl

    The Sugar Bowl
    Olaf takes Carmalita's harpoon gun and threatens dewey with it. The three Baudelries react to this by jumping in front of Dewey to defend him. Then instead of shooting Dewey he shoves the heavy gun into the Baudelries hands and then they drop the gun. As it hits the ground it fires back up and kills Dewey right threw the chest. As he died he remembered the love of his life Kit Snicket and there baby. I chose this picture because Olaf and Dewey are fighting over the sugar bowl.
  • The False Trial

    The False Trial
    After the accident with Dewey, the Baudelries and Count Olaf were put on trial. Everyone in the trial room was blindfolded except for the judge. The orphans are beginning to question the fairness of the trial so they quietly removed there blindfolds without the judge seeing. They realized that five of the people in the jury were Olafs friends! Then they saw that the Judge was a friend of Count Olaf, and they saw that Justin Straus was tied up.I chose this to show what the court room looked like
  • The Fire and the Getaway!

    The Fire and the Getaway!
    As Olaf was getting away, the Baudelries was getting everyones blindfolds off there eyes because Olaf set the hotel on fire! Olaf made is way downstairs to the laundry room thinking that the sugar bowl was in there, but it wasn't. The orphans pressed all the buttons on the elevator to warn everyone in the hotel that the hotel was on fire.The orphans jumped onto Olafs boat and speeded away from the burning hotel! I chose this picture because this is what was happening to the hotel.