By amandat
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    Jack's Life

  • First time that Jack herded sheep.

    First time that Jack herded sheep.
    The First time that Jack herded sheep was a fun moment for him. He loved doing it! he knew that herding sheep was what he wanted to do. Jack didn't really do much herding on his first time, but he had fun watching his father herd. I picked this picture, because this border collie pup looked like he was just wondering around. This reminded me of Jack's first time herding.
  • Bob and Ellen sell Jack and his siblings

    Bob and Ellen sell Jack and his siblings
    Bob and Ellen, the owners of Jack, were in debt. They had no choice but to sell Jack and his siblings. They were loaded into the back of a pickup truck and taken away. That was a sad event for Jack. This picture reminds me of what Jack was doing in the back of a pick up truck. He was trying to get out and back to his parents.
  • Jack in the pet store.

    Jack in the pet store.
    After Jack was sold by Bob and Ellen he was brought to a pet store. He was kept in a small glass box in the pet store. Jack didn't like it in the small box, because there was no where to run around and play. He really wanted out. He reminds me of this picture, because it's like the dog was crying to get out. This dog was also behind glass as well. Although Jack was the only one in the cage.
  • When Jack was picked!

    When Jack was picked!
    Jack was in the pet store for a while until a little girl named Penelope and her walked into the pet store. Right away Penelope picked Jack out as the one that she wanted, so they bought him. Then they loaded Jack into the car and on Penelope's lap. This picture reminds me of Jack's car ride home, because the dog is curious. Jack was curious to know if Penelope had sheep or not.
  • Jack in the pound.

    Jack in the pound.
    After living on the streets, after running from Penelope's house he was dog napped. The dog catcher caught him and took him to the pound. Jack didn't know where he was or why. He didn't like being closed in again. This picture reminds me of Jack in the pound, because he looks confused like Jack was. Also he looks like he is trying to get noticed by being calm.
  • Tent on fire.

    Tent on fire.
    After Billy picked Jack at the pound he brought him to his circus and taught him tricks. Jack learned quickly and preformed well in many shows, because if he didn't Billy would wip him. During one preformance one of the other dog's costumes caught on fire and then the whole tent caught on fire. Everyone ran and so did Jack. I choose this image, because it reminds me of how fast Jack ran to escape the circus and Billy. He hated Billy and the circus so he ran as fast and as far away as possible.
  • When Jack meet Luke.

    When Jack meet Luke.
    Jack was a stray wondering around a town. He was walking near the railroad tracks when he saw Luke on the railroad tracks and then he heard the train coming. Jack pushed Luke out of the way just in time. Luke was gratful for Jack saving him so he took him to the orphanage where he lived. This picture reminded me of how Luke pet Jack all over. This picture also looks like they just meet.
  • Jack helped Luke.

    Jack helped Luke.
    Jack helped Luke find a new home. Jack was watching Luke through a window during adoption week. Luke wasn't being friendly, so Jack barked and Luke ran out side with Katrin (a potiential parent) and Jack helped to break the ice. Katrin and her husband Olaf decided to adopt Luke and Jack. This picture reminds me of Jack looking into The Good Shepherd Home for Boys. Especially because The Good Shepherd Home for Boys was brick.
  • New Home

    New Home
    Jack and Luke went to live with Olaf and Katrin. They all got into their pickup truck and drove home. Luke and Jack would finally have a home, and on a farm no less! With Sheep, six of them! This picture looks like Olaf, Katrin, Luke, and Jack. They all look happy and at home.
  • Jack herded sheep again!

    Jack herded sheep again!
    Jack finally found more sheep! Olaf and Katrin were just starting a sheep farm and only had six sheep, but atleast they were sheep. Jack was so happy to finally have sheep to herd. Jack was also happy to know that he still was able to herd after all of this time. In this picture I think that the dog looks happy to be doing his job just like Jack. He is a proud border collie like Jack.