Lord Of The Flies

  • The Crash

    The Crash
    A plane of English schoolboys is shot down over the ocean. the plane lands on a little island. The boy attempt to creat a set of rules to live by.
  • Period: to

    The Days

  • The First Pig

    The First Pig
    As Jack Simon and Ralph explore the island they come across a pig entangled in vines. Jack pulls out his knife and aproaches the pig with the intent of killing it. How ever he shutters at the thought of killing and the pig escapes.
  • The First Death

    The First Death
    In an attempt to make a rescue fire the fire gets out out hand. The whole forest almost catches on fire. during all the chaos the boys don't realise that the littlelun with the birth mark is missing. he is killed in the fire.
  • Homeless on the beach

    Homeless on the beach
    While all the other boys play in the water, Ralph and Simon try to build huts. They are fustrated because they keep falling apart and none of the other boys care enough to help.
  • Being Cruel

     Being Cruel
    Roger and another boy named Maurice cruelly stomp on some of the littlun's sand castle and then they procced to throw rocks at them.
  • The First Kill

    The First Kill
    The boys finally kill a pig. They come out of the forest covered in blood. Chanting a savage song. All the hunters forgot about the signal fire and it went out. Piggy complains and jack smacks him.
  • Failer

    The boys have not done anything required of them: they refuse to work at building shelters, they do not gather drinking water, they neglect the signal fire, and they do not even use the designated toilet area.
  • Overeacting

    There is a Air battle above the island. Sam and Eric fall asleep and the signal fire goes out.when they wake up they see the dead parachutist and they think he is the best . They run back and then jack gets some of the boys to hunt this imaginary beast.
  • Losing Control

    Losing Control
    After and unsucsessful hunt the boys come back to the camp area to dance and chant around the fire. As they become more involved in the dancing and chanting they decide to re-enact the hunt. They choose a boy named Robert to be the boar. The boys then circle around him and and get too excited and foreget that they are just playing and begin to poke and jab Robert with there spears. After they are done they relize that they had seriously injured Robert.
  • Control lost

    Control lost
    Jack attempts to hunt for the beast again. Ralph says that they should forget about it. Jack doesn't like this so he leaves and tells all of the boys that they are welcome to join him. They also steal fire from ralph.
  • Death returns

    Death returns
    The boys are split into two groups . Jack's group of savage hunters and Ralph's group of four older boys and littleluns.when ralph's group is stealing the fire Simon crawls away and goes to his special spot. As he is crawling back he crawls into one of the pig dances and they beat him to death.
  • Robbery

    The day after Simon's death Piggy and Ralph are on the beach with what remains of their group. Ralph and Piggy are fighting over what roles they played in his death. weather they are murders or if the whole thing was an accedent. When they go to sleep that night a few of Jack's hunters come and attack their group. When everyone is being beat up one of the hunters steal Piggy's glassws and take off. they took the glasses so they have the power to start fire.
  • Piggy's death

    Piggy's death
    Piggy trys to get his glasses back from the hunters. He walks up a path and Roger purposly pushes a bolder down the path. He knows that the bolder will kill Piggy and he still does it.
  • Rescue

    The boys of Jack's group decide that Ralph must be killed. So they all go out in a huge hunting frenzy looking for Ralph. He hides in the thicket and stays there until Jack sets the jungle on fire to flush him out. Ralph takes off and bumbs into a naval officer. After the rest of the boys catch up the naval officer declares that he is rescuing them.