• Homestead Act

    To distribute land to settles out in the west.
  • End of Civil War

    This war by the time it ended costed nearly 75,000 lives.
  • Trans Continental Railroad

    This idea was drempt pf since 1836, thats 30 years before it was finished.
  • Telephone

  • Battle of Little Bighorn

    This battle is also known as Custers Last Stand.
  • End of Reconstruction

    This removed the federal troops from the south.
  • Chineses Exclusion Act

    Ment to keep the chinese from come to America
  • Time Zones

    Time Zones are regions of the Earth.
  • Pendleton Act

    This act was signed into law by a president last name Chester
  • Dawes Act

    This act gave land to native americans in Oklahoma.
  • Sherman Anti Trust Act

    This was ment to prevent monopolies.
  • Battle of Wounded Knee

    The indians were forced to give up their arms.
  • Ellis Island

    This was an immigration prcessing station for thousands of immigrants.
  • Modle T