Timeline of Awesome

Timeline created by keybilly
  • Burglar/Facebook Mocker

    Burglar/Facebook Mocker
    Robbers are jerks. Just to start out.
    But, it's not cool to steal someone's laptop, and then mock them on their own Facebook. >[
  • Michael Jackson finally buried!

    Michael Jackson finally buried!
    Two months after the fact, he's finally buried.
  • Darker/Ligher

    Cream makes your skin lighter! :D
  • Hermaphrodite Runner

    Hermaphrodite Runner
    It's not fair to make her stop running, but at the same time, it's not exactly fair to let her. Just let her run with the guys.
    Problem solved. :D
  • Jonathan Escobar=Cutest girl ever

    Jonathan Escobar=Cutest girl ever
    Poor Jonathan was kicked out of an Atlanta high school for dressing too much like a girl. They're just jealous.
  • Balloon Boy!!

    Balloon Boy!!
    Gotta love the creepers from WifeSwap. He wasn't in the stupid balloon. He was in the attic.
  • Mermaid Girl

    Mermaid Girl
    Any little girls who always wanted to be a mermaid, no. You dont'.
  • Bandits

    Gotta love them bandits.
  • Gyno?

    Get me a pap smear for Christmas, we'll be fighting.
  • Tiger Woods is cheating?! Who'da thunk it?

    Tiger Woods is cheating?! Who'da thunk it?
    Oh my. A man cheating. It's such a shocker.
  • Moo moo cow

    Moo moo cow
    [Insert funny cow joke here] Question Mark has requested to play the Riddler in Batman 3.