Wine prohibition

1920's Social Events

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  • The Palmer Raids

    The Palmer Raids
    More on Palmer RaidsIn 1919-1920 raids took place in several cities that became known as the Palmer Raids. He, A. Mitchell Palmer, believed communism was taking over America. Palmer held the few self professed communists responsible for a wide range of social ills. Palmer's men began a series of showy, public raids against them. In December of 1919 Palmer's agents seized 249 resident aliens. This became one of their most famous acts.On 2nd January, 1920, another 6,000 were arrested and held without trial.
  • Prohibition Law Enforced

    Prohibition Law Enforced
    More on ProhibitionThe 18th Amendment prohibited the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcohol in the U.S. America went dry on this day. For the next 14 years, the government spent most of their time and money trying to enforce this new law. However it was an impossible task. By 1926 it was apparent that this law would never hold.
  • Sacco & Vanzetti Accused of Burglary

    Sacco & Vanzetti Accused of Burglary
    More on Sacco & Vanzetti Sacco and Vanzetti were Italian immigrants who were prosecuted based on prejudice but not evidence. On 9/11/1920 they were accused of robbing a shoe factory and causing the death of a guard. Neither of these men ever committed the crime but they were at odds to prejudice so they were punished for it. They were executed Aug.23, 1927 even though Celestino Madieros confessed to the murder and robbery in 1925.
  • Lincoln Memorial dedicated in Washington D.C

    Lincoln Memorial dedicated in Washington D.C
    More on Lincoln Memorial The Lincoln Memorial, which was dedicated by Warren G.Harding, was revealed on this day. Abraham Lincoln's only living son, Robert Todd Lincoln attended the opening. Years on, historic events involving Blacks occured here, singer Marian Anderson was denied of her performance because of her skin color and Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous "I Have A Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial.
  • The First Goodyear Blimp (Pilgrim) Flies

    The First Goodyear Blimp (Pilgrim) Flies
    More info on the Goodyear blimp:In 1925, the world's larget rubber tire company located in Akron, Ohio, flew the First Goodyear blimp called the Pilgrim. Originally these blimps were used for U.S Navy purposes, but the buisiness of this blimp company expanded ever since.
  • The First Feature Length Hollywood Film

    The First  Feature Length Hollywood Film
    More on "The Jazz Singer"The first feature length movie with dialogue titled "The Jazz Singer" directed by Alan Crosland was premiered on this day. This half a million "sound picture" made history silencing an end to silent movies. It should be clear that this was not the first sound film. In 1926 Warner Bros' risky investment with Western Electronic in the Vitaphone system brought profits of $3.5 million at the box-office with this land mark "talkie".
  • Charles Linbergh Flies Solo

    Charles Linbergh Flies Solo
    More on Charles LindberghCharles Linbergh makes the first non-stop solo flight over the Atlantic in the "Spirit of St.Louis". He began his flight at 7:52am in New York in route of Paris, France. Many other pilots had flown over the Atlantic before but he was the only person to do it non stop and alone. His fight gained him instant fame and the press named him "Lucky Lindy" and the "Lone Eagle."
  • The Ford T Model line is Ended

    The Ford T Model line is Ended
    More on Ford Model TIn may of 1927, creator and founder Henry ford sat back and watched his line on the new and improved "Model T" line of cars. This car was affordable to most people and was a more reliable form of transportation. After 19 years of production and selling more than 15 million cars, producion of the Ford Model T ended on May 26, 1927 and is replaced by Model A.
  • 1st Academy Awards

    1st Academy Awards
    More on Acadamy Awards The first Academy Awards was held on May 16, 1929 and was hosted by actor Douglas Fairbanks, 250 people attended the ceremony. Compared to the ceremonies of today, it was a quiet and private event. Since then these ceromonies have been continued for 80 years and has become a huge tradition for us.
  • Wall Street Market Crashes

    Wall Street Market Crashes
    More on the Stock MarketOn this day, millions of people were in danger of losing their jobs . Everyone started losing money and withot money you couldn't afford to keep businesses open.Many buisnesses and factories and other shops started closing. This day was known as Black Teusday; this was the start of the Great Depression.