Red River Timeline

By fehr07
  • Surveyors Arrive

    Surveyors Arrive
    -Surveyors arrive at the red river settlement and started to gird the land
    -They came and laid grid with no regard for the Metis
    -They were forced to leave be the Metis
    -The Metis were unhappy with thier land being grided
    -The surveryors thought the current occupants didn't own thier land
  • Period: to

    Red River Timeline

    The timeline of the Red River events
  • Louis Riel

    Louis Riel
    -He was the leader of the Red River.
    -He help voiced the Metis concerns
    -He rounded up the protestors and lead them
    -He was well literate and well-educated and he was a lawyer
  • Ruperts Land

    Ruperts Land
    -The HBC sold Ruperts land to the Canadain Goverment
    -HBC recieved $1.5 million dollars
    -HBC didn't tell the Red River settlement
    -Ruperts land was 2.8 million hectars of prairie farmland
  • Metis List of Rights

    Metis List of Rights
    -Riel played a major role in helping the Metis create it.
    -Metis made the list of right becuase they feared they would lose thier power
    -Mcdougall made the Metis fear that he would give all the power to the Canadain Goverment and not to the Metis
  • Provincial Goverment

    Provincial Goverment
    -Riel decided to set up a Provincial Goverment
    -He didn't want for Red River to lose power
    -He felt that it was the older Goverment wasn't fair
  • Metis flee West

    -The Metis were beaten and kill by soldiers
    -The Metis found it difficult to acquire land
    -The fled becuase it was hard for the to do these things
  • Execution of Thomas Scott

    Execution of Thomas Scott
    -Many people thought it was wrong and it was very contreviersial
    -Thomas Scott was executed by firing squad
    -He was a beligerment member of Canadain party
    -He publicized his anti-Metis views
    -He abuse his guards verbally and physically
    -He was capture trying to free other pirsoners from Fort Garry
  • Creation of Manitoba

    Creation of Manitoba
    -The Legislation was passed comfirming Manitoba's admission by the House of Commons.
    -John A. Macdonald(Prime Minster of Canada at the time) gave the Metis a grant of 200 000 hecters of land.
    -Mcdonald sent 1 200 soldiers to Winnpeg to keep peace and were told not to treat Riel and his followers has Goverment.
  • Riel Flees to the U.S.A

    Riel Flees to the U.S.A
    -He feared his life was in danger
    -He wasn't grabted an amnesty
    -He got banished to the US of 5 years
  • Native Treaties 1 & 2

    Native Treaties 1 & 2
    -Commisioner W. Simpson helped create 1 and 2, they found away to claim thier traditional homeland
    -Everyone family of 5 got 160 acres of land but the people in Manitoba wanted to about 60% of the land.
    -They were given farm equipment and supplies and also the forests between lakes Winnepeg and Manitoba
  • Pacific Scandal

    -John A. Macdonald gave money for favors
    -Macdoald have Hugh Allan and other contracts in turn for money
    -The people found out and he was forced to resign
  • Creation on NWMP

    Creation on NWMP
    -The Govt. thought that the whiskey traders could lead to loss of territory to the American
    -The NWMP was a police force and paramilitary organization
    -Their first task was to regain contorl of the N.W.T and drive whiskey traders
    -After the Cypress Hill massacre the NWMP sent 300 officers to regain contorl of the praires
  • Election of Alexander Mackenzie

    Election of Alexander Mackenzie
    -Led liberals to power
    -Disagreed with building the pacific railway
    -Politicians hated Alexander because of his "do nothing" attitude
  • Cypress Hills Massacre

    Cypress Hills Massacre
    -Whiskey trades attack a group of Assinibion people
    -Took more than 30 Assinibion lives
    -NWMP was sent there to establish Candian control over the area
    -The time the NWMP got there the Whiskey traders had feld to the US
  • Native Treaties 3-7

    -Natives would be required to live on Native reserve's and go to resedential schools
    -They gained acess to all land suitable for farming
    -They had to become farmers because the bison were gone
    - They where given food and equipment for them to get used to farming but some of the native leaders thought that the farm equipment was going against their way of life.
  • Gabriel Dumont

    Gabriel Dumont
    -He arrested a group of Metis who hunted on grounds where there was no hunting allowed
    -Dumont was no allowed to arrest them so he got arrested
    -This incident invalidated the Metis Laws of St.Laurent
    - He was the metis president of St. Laurent .
  • The National Policy

    -Became the basis of conservative election
    -John A. Macdonald believed it was a formula for Nation building
    -Became a part of Canadain Govt. policy into the twentieth centurary
    -Macdonald wanted Canada would be linked by the CPR and be a greater nation than the U.S.
  • Indian Act

    -Confirmed that Natives had to live in Reserves
    -Native Kids had to go to residential schools
    -Catholices missionaries made them sign a treaty
  • Construstion of CPR

    Construstion of CPR
    -Was the cornerstone of national policy
    -Became the Government top priority
    -They searched in vain for a group of investors
    -Wasn't finished until 1885
    - Its investors where George Stephen of the Bank of Montreal, and Donald Smith of the Hudson's Bay company.
  • William Van Horne

    William Van Horne
    -Was the ideal choice for the new General maganer for the CPR
    -He put the building of the railway into action
    -Was very intelligent, in two year he laid 1 000 miles of railway
    - spent four years pushing himself and his employees until the railway was done
  • Return of Riel

    -The Metis sent a delegation to get Riel to come back
    -His presence in the Northwest stressed out the Govt. even thought his intentions where peaceful
    -Riel and a European farmer made the Metis bill of right
    -the bill of rights was ignored by the government.
  • Metis Bill of Rights

    -Far more detailed them the last one
    -Designed to make Metis equal to Europeans
    -Was not a accepeted by the Europeans
    - Some of the bad things listed in the Bill where that many of the locals have to feed the Indains to keep them from dying at their doorstep, also they did not recieve their 240 acres.
  • Battles of Duck Lake and Batoche

    Battles of Duck Lake and Batoche
    -Over 5000 Canadian troop were deploy throughtout the North West to control these rebellions
    -At Batoche 725 military attacked 175 Metis
    -All of the Metis leader were Captured
    -Duck Lake is where it started
    -The Metis held Batoche for 3 days
    -Riel was Capture on may 15 and Dumont was able to escape to the U.S.A
  • Trial of Louis Riel

    -Was Charged with high trecson
    -Did not plead insanity but told them what he was fighting for
    -He was defened by 3 lawyers
    -The judge recommended clemency but the Canadaina Government refused
  • Execution of Louis Riel

    -He was hanged
    -Judge and Jury resomended clemency but the Govt. Reused it
    -The execution was done to make an example
    -Riel was describe has a deprivation of his people
    -Riel was found of high treason