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2k Tech

  • First USB Flash Drive

    First USB Flash Drive
    First USB Flash Drive released by Trek, a Singapore company. The begginign of how much memory could be saved that only grew in capacity and not physical size.
  • Centibots Project

    Centibots Project
    The Centibots project, in which 100 identical robots where developted so that they could work together and communicate with each other. Launched by DARPA. The begginign of robots, which opened up opportunity for where we are now.
  • MySpace

    MySpace, the begginign of social media. Invented by Tom Anderson. Not ony was it fun, but it was what opened the gates to Facebook and social media as we know it.
  • iPhone Generation-1 is released

    iPhone Generation-1 is released
    Revolutionizing the smartphone industry, the first generation of iPhone is release. Created by Steve Jobs. The iPhone normalized web browsing and video playback on phones, setting a new standard across the industry
  • Apple’s iPad Is Released

    Apple’s iPad Is Released
    First ever iPad is released, again created by Steve Jobs. The first iPad essentially a large phone or a small computer, large screen and with much more GB and wi-fi.