Ush  1920 s

History of the 1920's

  • Vacuum

    Ives McGaffey invented a device that was called a sweeping machine and used to clean rugs. By 1907 vacuum cleaners were portable and practical, helped so by the Hoover Company.
  • Olds Motor Vehicle Company

    Olds Motor Vehicle Company
    Ransom and his partners formed the Olds Motor Vehicle Company and started building the Oldsmobile. The first Oldsmobile was finished in 1900 and sold in 1901.
  • Refrigerator

    Henry Trost gets a patent for a refirdgeator or an ice box. His was not the first but it was more advanced than previous ones.
  • Assembly LIne

    Assembly LIne
    Henry Ford started mass producing cars by creating the assembly line by having each worker add one more part to the car as it rolled by.
  • Literacy Test

    Literacy Test
    Congress passes a law that to enter the US as an immigrant you must pass a literacy test.
  • African Americans in Motion Pictures

    African Americans  in Motion Pictures
    D.W. Griffith created a motion picture based on the 1906 play The Clansman. Many people praised this motion picture and others produced by D.W. Griffith even though blacks were not usually shown in a good light.
  • Bomb Plot 1

    Bomb Plot 1
    A bomb plot was discovered and the Seattle Mayor, Mayor Hansen, was an intended victim. Palmer then proceeded to raid suspected Communist homes.
  • Bombings

    Bombs were set off in eight cities, including Washington,D.C. The "Reds" were blamed for this bombing and many were arrested. Palmer then raided many homes of suspected Communists.
  • Boston Police Force Strike

    Boston Police Force Strike
    The Boston Police force went on strike and people thought it was the "Reds" behind it.
  • Prohibition

    The 18th Amenment was ratified prohibiting the sale and manufacturing of alcohol.
  • Tractor

    Farming became mechanized with the use of tractors.
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    Woomen gained the right to vote for the first time ever.
  • Emergency Quota Act of 1921

    Emergency Quota Act of 1921
    Congress passes a law to establish a system that governs the amount of immigrants from certain countries.
  • Bessie Coleman

    Bessie Coleman
    First African American to hold an international pilot's license and first women in the world to hold a pilot's license.
  • Crop Dusting

    Crop Dusting
    Farmers used an airplane to dust the crop with arsenate to kill caterpillars that were eating crops.
  • National Origins Act

    National Origins Act
    The National Origins Act limited the number of immigrants that could come from each country to 2% of the people from that country living there in 1890.
  • KKK Wedding

    KKK Wedding
    The members of the KKK held a "wedding" ceremony
  • Antibiotics

    Alexander Felming accidently invented Penicillin when he left his laboratory and had a petri dish with staphyloccus on it surrounded by a ring of mold.
  • End of Prohibition

    End of Prohibition
    The 21st Amendment is ratified which repealed the 18th Amendment.
  • David Stephenson

    David Stephenson
    The KKK in Indiana went from 180,000 to no one because when David Stephenson got out of jail on parole he made public how he had bribed and corrupted the government.