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  • signing of the treaty of paris

    signing of the treaty of paris
    1.Because of this it formally ended the American Revolutionary War between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States of America
    2.The other combatant nations, France, Spain and the Dutch Republic had separate agreements; for details of these
    3. made peace with britian
  • matthew perry sails a fleet of ships to japan

    matthew perry sails a fleet of ships to japan
    1.went to churi castle
    2.Politics Behind the Decision to Open Japan to United State Trade
    3 went to open up trade with japan and the us
  • william seward buys alaska

    william seward buys alaska
    1.William Henry Seward was secretary of state under President Abraham Lincoln when he began negotiating a deal for the United States to buy Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million--or 2 cents an acre.
    2.During Lincoln's presidency, he began negotiating the purchase of Alaska,
    3.the third Alaska Territorial Legislature created Seward's Day to mark the signing of the treaty
  • queen Liluokalani becomes queen of hawaii

    queen Liluokalani becomes queen of hawaii
    1.She became queen at age 50 when King Kalakaua died on January 17, 1891
    2.Liliuokalani was unpopular among Hawaii residents who wanted to become part of the United State
    3, She was deposed on January 17, 1893
  • uss maine is blown up

    uss maine is blown up
    1.The blowing up of the battleship USS Maine in Havana harbor on the evening of 15 February was a critical event on the road to that war
    2.Tensions between Spain and the United States rose out of the attempts by Cubans to liberate their island from the control of the Spanish.
    3.In order to understand the role the ship's destruction played in the start of the war, one must know the context in which the event took place.
  • william mconly preclamed hawaii an official state

    william mconly preclamed hawaii an official state
    1.the event marked end of a lengthy internal struggle between native Hawaiians and white American businessmen for control of the Hawaiian government
    2.Hawaiian islands were formally annexed by the United States in 1898
    3.the Hawaiian islands remained a U.S. territory until 1959, when they were admitted to statehood as the 50th state
  • rosevelt corollary

    rosevelt corollary
    1. amendment to the monroe doctrine
    2. set up the good neighbor policy
    3. targeted central america
  • rosevelt sends great white fleet across the world

    rosevelt sends great white fleet across the world
    1.16 battleships of the US Atlantic Fleet, all painted white, save for gilded bows
    2.The idea of sending the new battle fleet around the world was the brainchild of the energetic "Teddy" Roosevelt, former colonel of the Rough Riders
    3.In 1904, the United States also established a naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • tr + rough riders charge san juan hill

  • william mcenleydeclares war on spain and begins spainish american war

  • progressive party forms

  • 1912 presidental election

    1912 presidental election
    1.woodrow won
    2.teddy ran under the progressve party
    3.william howrad taft ran as republican canidate
  • panama canal is completed

    panama canal is completed
    1.a total of 27,500 workmen are estimated to have died in the French and American efforts.
    2.A ship sailing from New York to San Francisco via the canal travels 9,500 km (6,000 miles), well under half the 22,500 km (14,000 miles) route around Cape Horn.[1
    3.The Panama Canal is a ship canal which joins the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific ocean