Jon Krakauer's Events Climbing Mt. Everest

  • Jon Krakauer's group starts the climb.

    Jon Krakauer's group starts the climb.
    This was the frist day when the group was helicoptered to Mt. Everest. They started out with a total of 20 people. They also had three main guides who helped guide the 20 people climb Mt. Everest and return. But in the end, all three guides didnt return with the survivors.
  • Reaches the Lower end of Kuhmubu closure.

    Reaches the Lower end of Kuhmubu closure.
    This was when the group arrived at the lower end of the Kuhmubu closure, a 12 mile ton of ice down Everest, 16,200ft.
  • Tensiing's Accident

    Tensiing's Accident
    Tensiing was in Jon Krakauer's group and had fallen into a 150ft. creavass one day.
  • Reaching Lobuje.

    Reaching Lobuje.
    At this point, 8 people were said to be dead. They also reached the Lobuje at 16,200ft.
  • Puju Ceramony

    Puju Ceramony
    On this day, they decided to have a Puju Ceramony at base camp for good luck.
  • 10 days of hiking

    After 10 days of hiking, they finally reached the base camp at 17,600ft.
  • Reaching Base camp.

    Reaching Base camp.
    On this day, it is said that they reached base camp, and everyone was said to be at good heath. Also, it was Jon Krakauer's 42 birthday as well.
  • Reached Camp 1

    Reached Camp 1
    They reached Camp 1 which was about 19,500ft.
  • Reaches Camp 2

    Reaches Camp 2
    They reached Camp 2, and while resting in camp 2 they also try to get their lungs more adjusted to the thinner air.
  • Nawang gets sick.

    Nawang gets sick.
    Nawang gets seriously sick with Edema. Edema is when the body gets an access amount of liquid fluids in a certain area and starts to swell.
  • Guides need to fix the ropes.

    For somereason on this day, the guide ropes werent fixed well, so there was a delay for the climbers to continue.
  • Nawang is rushed down Mt. Everest

    At this point, Nawang's sickness is even worse. Its so bad that they rush Nawang down Mt. Everest to Kathmandu. The swelling from the edema illness is worse than it was. It's a serious case so they rush Nawang in the middle of the night to Kathmando.
  • Reaches Camp 3.

    Reaches Camp 3.
    They reach camp 3 at 24,000ft and also get oxygen.
  • They descend to Base 2

    They descend to Base 2
    During this time, they descend back down to base 2. This was just like an exercise to get the climbers adjusted to the thinner air. Also to get used to the oxygen masks. Once it got darker out they headed back to base 2 for rest. Soon after rest, it was going back up into the thin air and ascending to the next base.
  • Jon Krakauer's group meets with Scott Fischer's.

    Jon Krakauer's group meets with Scott Fischer's.
    Jon Krakauer & Scott Fischer meet up at this point, both carrying out an expedition. Both groups end up heading out of camp 2 and is starting to climb the Lhotse Face, a vast sweep of hard steal ice at 21,300ft.
  • 7:30am Ascending to Camp 4

    7:30am Ascending to Camp 4
    At about 7:30am they ascend to camp 4. One of the Taiwan memebers gets injured so is left behind. Later the Sherpa's help him descend back to Base camp 2 but ending up in the process of going down, he dies. They think his rope was not tight, and there fore he must have fallen.
  • Climbing with Oxygen

    Climbing with Oxygen
    On this day, at about 1pm Jon Krakauer was finally climbing with oxygen for the first time. He reached the South Col, launching the pad for the summit assault.
  • Resting at a camp

    At 5pm, many of the groups were getting to the camps now. Fisher’s group came later than most. They all tried to sleep because the next schedule to begin was in 6 hours, but many couldn’t sleep because of the tents & anxiety.
  • Summit Time

    At 7pm, the gale abruptly decreased, it was now 15 below zero with no wind. It was perfect to climb; it seemed like Hall submitted their summit time well.
  • Climbing up Mt. Everest

    Climbing up Mt. Everest
    At 11:35pm, they're finally away from the tens, Up and climbing again. In the dark they strapped on their oxygen masks and went climbing again. Only 15 people left to climb.
  • Expedition groups meet up.

    Jon Krakauer’s group meets up with Scott Fischer’s Mountaineer Madness Company and an expedition crew sponsored by the government of Taiwan. These were the three expeditions that were started on the same day.
  • Boukreev reaches the Summit

    1:07pm, at this time, Boukreev gets to the summit; many of the climbers didn’t even get to the summit by 2pm, which was the last safe time to turn around to reach camp 4 before nightfall.
  • Reaching the Summit

    1:15pm, Several people had reached the summit, including Scott Fischer, Rob Hall, and Jon Krakauer.
  • Boukreev begins to descend.

    Boukreev begins to descend.
    At about 2:30pm, Boukreev begins to climb down to Camp 4, that time, several other climbers had reached the summit.
  • Reaching the summit, then descending down.

    Snow began to fall now, Gau from another group summits at 3pm. stating that at 3:10 the weather didn’t look too good. Also at 3pm Hall & the other Sherpas reached the summit as well & started to descend down. On the way down, they saw Doug Hansen frozen above the Hillary Step. Hall ordered him to descend; but he didn’t not respond so Hall stayed behind to help Hansen who had run out of supplementary oxygen.
  • Scott Fischer reaches the summit.

    3:45pm, Schott Fischer reaches the summit, he was getting ill and suffered from either HACE or HAPE and also was exhasted from the descend. Hall and Handsen summited much later.
  • Hall and Hansen trouble.

    Hall radios for help saying that Hansen now has fallen unconcious but was still alive. Hillary climbs up with oxygen and water at about 5:30pm.
  • The dangerous Blizzard.

    At about 6pm, a blizzard storm with 70mph winds. It was so bad that many clients were lost in the blizzard and could not walk.
  • Andy Harris goes missing.

    Andy Harris goes missing.
    At this point, it is said that Andy Harris had gone missing. They said that he was at a Base camp, but the blizzard blinded many people. And while he was walking, he must have fallen off a cliff near the camp site. But after him being in the campsite, they never saw Harris again.
  • Hall reaches the South Summit.

    Hall reaches the South Summit.
    At about 4:43am Hall radios down to the camp stating that he's at the South Summit. He also stated that he'd seen two other men with a guide, but later he radioed again, saying that the two men and the guide were now gone. Hall's oxygen mask was also choked with ice, so his beathing wasnt well.
  • Hall's last words.

    At 9am, Hall fixes his oxygen mask. But his frostbitten hands and feet make it hard for him to descend down. So Hall decided to radio the base so he could call his wife. Here are the words he said to her: "Hey look. Don't worry about me." Shortly after he radioed her, he died.
  • Sherpa's find Fischer and Gau.

    Climbing Sherpas find Fischer & Gau in bad condition. Fischer was so deteriorated that they were only able to give palliative care. Boukreev also attempted to rescue them, but by 7pm, he had found Fischer’s frozen body.
  • Almost down Mt. Everest.

    Almost down Mt. Everest.
    They were almost all the way down at the bottom of Mt. Everest.
  • The day that they reach the Bottom of Mt. Everest.

    The day that they reach the Bottom of Mt. Everest.
    The final day that the survivors get to the absolute bottom of Mt. Everest.
  • A Memorial Day.

    A memorial day for the ones who couldn’t make the climb on Mt. Everest.
  • The survivors get Helicoptered out of Mt. Everest.

    The survivors get Helicoptered out of Mt. Everest.
    The day that all the survivors go home, they get helicopter out of Mt. Everest.