mount everest

  • the climb begins

    the climb begins
  • arrived at lowerend khumbu glacier at 16,200 feet

    16,200 feet.
  • tensiing falls into 150 ft crevass

  • reached lobuje at 16,200 feet

    reached lobuje at 16,200 feet
    16,200 feet
  • puju ceremony at base camp

    puju ceremony at base camp
  • reached 17,600 feet

    After ten days of hiking through the walled canyons rhodendron forests in northern Napal, he walked in to Everest base camp. At this point his altimeter read 17,600 feet above sea level.
  • everyone is in good health

    everyone is in good health
  • jon turns 42

    jon turns 42
    It was the end of the ice fall after 4 hours. The Khumbu ice fall is 5,486 meters (18,000 feet long). The ice fall is considered one of the most dangerous parts of Mount Everest. Huge peices of ice can just randomly start falling down the mountian, and the sizes can range from the size of a car to the size of a very large house.
  • reached camp at 17,600 feet

  • reached camp 1 at 19,500 feet

    19,500 feet
  • they reached camp 2

  • reached camp 2 to acclimate

  • nawang gets sick with edema

    nawang gets sick with edema
    Edema is swelling in your bodys tissue because of fluid. It occurs in feet, ankles and legs most of the time but can involve your whole body. Edema can happen to anyone and is caused by standing or sitting in one place for a long period of time, weakining of veins and certain diseases. It can be permanent or temporary.
  • guide ropes need to be fixed on south col

    guide ropes need to be fixed on south col
  • nawang is rushed down mount kathmandu

    nawang is rushed down mount kathmandu
  • set out for camp3

    They got oxegen because they were 5,000 feet away from the top they went up a little bit and got the ropes set up then camp back down to rest. At camp three they were at 24,000 feet. If they dont stop at every camp to rest and get oxygen they would eventually freeze to death or die from not enough oxygen. The higher up they go the thinner the air gets.
  • descend to base camp 2 to rest

  • fischers team look good

  • team leftcamp 2 at 21,300 feet

    21,300 feet
  • 40 climbers caught 8,000 meters above sea level

  • 7:30 assending to the 4th base camp

  • old steelworker falls

    Even tough he fell from a mountain he still survived and then later when he was descending from the mountain and he died from the coldness. This happened at 7:30 am he was only 36 years old.
  • reached top of mount Everest at around 1:17

    reached top of mount Everest at around 1:17
    around 1:17
  • 7,000 foot abyss going down

    after 15 minutes at the top they started down the mountain
  • blizzard hit top of mount Everest at 5:00 pm

    5:00 pm
  • 7:20 am at balcony at 27,600 feet

    27,600 feet
  • 1:00 pm summit ridge from the south summit

  • 2:10 pm bottleneck at the hillary step

  • 4:10 pm looking down the summit ridge

  • andy harris is missing at 6:00 am

    at 6:00 am andy harris is missing
  • kraukauer finds namba

    she was very sick and close to death at 7:30.
  • rob hull and scott fischer stranded on everest

  • Beck Weathers left for death

    Weathers lives through the sub-zero tempertures but suffers horrible frostbite on his hands and his face. he had to have many of his body parts removed or amputated because the frostbite was so bad. He lost his right arm up to the elbow, all fingers including the thumb on his left hand, his nose, parts of his cheek, and parts of both of his feet. All of his injuries made people think that he was going to die but so far hes pushed through. : )
  • 8 confirmed dead

    8 confirmed dead
    on the way down
  • memorial service

    memorial service
    fischer was buried and the team re-groups.
  • helicopter back home

    helicopter back home